Happy Lunar New Year!

Oops, I've fallen off this blog the past week haven't I?

We've been busy celebrating the arrival of the new lunar year ;)

Bun took her first flight.
She was so very excited. I kept getting reminded to keep her under her seat belt, but boy, that was a tough thing to do!

Up in Malaysia, we feasted. Home-cooked goodness for every meal. True to form, I dived too quickly into my plate of kuih pie tee, forgetting to photograph them yet again.

We set off mini fireworks and played with sparklers. Kids, ours and our friends', loved these.

I did too - the one who never played with fireworks as a child.

We had such a grand time, and kept the kids up late a little too much that a bad flu bug unfortunately caught up with us. We sadly had to cancel the Singapore-leg of Chinese New Year visitations to recuperate. Perhaps we'll make up for it over the next few weekends.

Happy New Year everyone! May the Year of the Snake bring you and yours much joy and good health!


Jasminesmt said...

Happy CNY to you and your lovely family. I love the tunic on bubbles! Where did you get it from?

Ai Sakura said...

Happy Chinese New Year and welcome home!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Miss Leney said...

Happy CNY to you and your gorgeous family! I just love Bun! She's so cute!! We have the same pink Missy Messy cheongsam too! :)

jooo said...

Happy CNY! Here's to a good and smooth sailing year to you and your family! Bubbles looks lovely in her festive outfit :)

imp said...

Oh that first photo og Bubs. So grown-up the girl is. Haizzzz. And Bun. Aiyoh! Don't start on the Guinness ths young. Give her the whisky instead. Heh.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you! I got it from a shop at Holland Village Shopping Centre. The big one on the 2nd floor. I wanted to get a bigger size to be worn as a dress but they sold out. Loved it so bought this size to be worn as a tunic instead.

Ai Sakura:
Thank you! Happy Chinese New Year to you too :)

Thank you! Ah you got the dress too! Love Missy Messy stuff. We have almost every design! hee ;)

Thank you! She wore that outfit to school! It was a last minute buy as I wanted to keep her pink dress for the first day of the new year.

She has gotten so lanky and grown-up! Too too fast lah! Ah yes, whisky. hur hur