Kaixine - Singapore's 1st creative magazine for kids

And so we have stepped into a new year. For many families this means getting back to a school/work routine. Is anyone missing the recent holidays already?

My kids have been fighting a bout of flu these few days. I take comfort that we had a amazing few weeks as a family. If I were Bubbles, I wouldn't want to go back to school! I'm hoping she eases back to the routine, as much as I look forward to more pockets of 'me' time made available by her being in school.

New year, new something. This popped into my inbox and I thought to share as it is a happy find!

Kaixine is a new, and touted to be the first in Singapore, creative magazine for kids aged 4-12. (Scroll to the end of this post to request a free copy!)

Bubbles loves to pop by the magazine rack at the supermarket. Occasionally, I indulge her by buying a kids magazine of her choice. If you have seen magazine racks at supermarkets, you would know that most (if not all) magazines feature licensed characters from TV. It was refreshing for me to receive Kaixine in the mail, as it is not character focused.

I really liked the thick, matte paper used, a stark contrast from flimsy shiny paper in a regular magazine for kids. It felt nice to hold the magazine and to flip the pages, and to know that care was given to the quality of its design. The 1st issue featured an article on Bhutan, fully illustrated craft activities, and a kid-friendly recipe, among others.

I especially liked how submitted artwork get the full-page treatment:

And how there were decent-length stories:

The magazine also features some web-exclusives to read or download.

Bubbles and I enjoyed this magazine. I personally look forward to future issues. Perhaps we can give the supermarket magazine rack a miss soon (until she starts reading more grownup stuff!).

Are you keen to check out this new magazine? You can request for a copy to be sent to you here!

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