Farewell to 2012 in Photos

I have been trying to squeeze out time to do some personal reflections and plan for the year ahead. With a sick, koala-clinging baby and a pre-schooler in the home, it has been tough. I have not had longer than a 2-hour stretch of sleep in the last four days!

Thankfully, when words fail, pictures/photographs sometimes help. Although these photos are just a tiny dollop of what happened - especially given that I dropped the habit of photographing everything - doing this has given me some clarity in planning for the new year.

Linking up with Farewell Stranger, here's my 2012!

Bubbles started school! Suddenly having her apart from family for a couple of hours a day was as nerve-wrecking for me as it was for her. Thankfully till today I still think it was a great decision. She has lovely teachers and has grown so much through her experiences in school. 

. . . . . . 
. . . . . . 
This was a tough month for me. I was in the thick of pre-natal blues and a stomach flu bug was making its rounds in my home. I couldn't find any photographs taken with my cameras for this month.

March is usually a month of celebrations as it holds the birthdays of Roboman and I. It is also the month where we got married. It was in March that I got better control of my moods and emotions. We celebrated our birthdays and anniversary in the simplest of ways. This birthday cake was made and delivered by one of my long-time friends. Our anniversary celebration was to walk around the Botanic Gardens after dinner, eating ice-cream. 

Bubbles and I had the honour of featuring in the 25th wedding anniversary celebration of my dear mentor and friend. I as the Emcee of the dinner, and Bubbles as a flower girl. I borrowed a sparkly green dress that skimmed my pregnant belly, and Bubbles wore a white dress gifted the Christmas before.

Our little Bun arrived, in perfect timing. She has brought us much joy, and is a much-anticipated younger sister for Bubbles.

As with most people who go through traditional Chinese confinement practices, the first half of June went by as a blur for me. We celebrated Bun's turning 1 month with a buffet lunch for the extended family. We gave out red eggs and cupcakes. For the rest of June, we had the company of many friends and family who took time to visit and spend time with us.

We went for our first 'big' family outing to the Underwater World at Sentosa. It was a trip that inspired Bubbles' 3rd birthday party. I had us all dressed in similar blue/green hues, but we didn't manage to get a family snapshot on our camera. We were still amateurs at going out with 2 (instead of one) kids. Instead, we settled for a touristy hard copy photo taken by the resident photographer. It had us superimposed onto a sea scene (cheesy). Now I don't know what to do with the photo!

I baked and baked in August, failing many times just to learn what worked. We had groups of guests over for tea, and play dates where little girls played dress up. A bunch of colleagues came by for cake and muffins, bringing with them office updates that already seemed so foreign to me. The conversations that day reaffirmed my decision about focusing this season of life on family.

September was really a month about Bubbles' 3rd birthday. We had family coming to visit and stay for a couple of days. And as always this meant a lot of eating. It was also when a Mid-Autumn Festival party a neighbour organised took place. Bubbles had her first experience playing with sparklers. She started off hesitant, played with a few, and then decided it was not that much fun and went off to munch on party snacks!

The photo folder of this month shows mainly food that I have been cooking. This, I suppose, sorts of explains why I decided to start the Kitchen Exploits series to chronicle my experiments in the kitchen.  Other than food, I was also starting to really enjoy stay-at-home-motherhood-of-two, and basking in the cuteness of my babies :)

This was a special month for us. We made the decision to travel back to Roboman's home church in Malaysia to do a dedication of our children. By dedicating our children to our God, we made a public promise to bring them up in His ways, to the best our ability. It is almost like a baptism, where one makes such a declaration for oneself, except that this is one where parents make a commitment in parenting their children. I also underwent two surgical procedures this month. Thankfully, all is well. After about 2 weeks of pain, I was pretty much up and about.

Oh, it was impossible to select a photo to represent our wonderful December! We had such an amazing time as a family. We played with snow, took Bun swimming for the first time, went on tons of outings, had family visiting, and hosted Christmas and NYE dinners. We had lazy mornings, spent time outdoors, played, read, crafted, cooked and feasted. This photo is simply a fun, irreverent snapshot of Bubbles' hands. We visited Hello Kitty Town and she got her nails painted (and sticker-ed) there! She was thrilled at being allowed this "grown-up" treat, while I mark it as a milestone for my parenting permissiveness :)

Farewell, 2012. Thank you for the amazing ride!


Alison said...

Sounds like an amazing year! Your photos are lovely.

Have a great 2013!

mummybean said...

what a lovely round-up :) i had the same idea to post a photo for every month but got a bit overwhelmed by the number of pics.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos (as always)! And December's nails are too cute!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

It was rather! Thanks for popping by to leave a comment!

Thank you! If it was the previous year I would be overwhelmed to. I really didn't take that many this year!

Thank you! Yes, I never knew nail stickers come in such small sizes!

Robin @ Farewell, Stranger said...

Great photos, and what a darling little Bun! So cute.

Here's to 2013!

imp said...

and you'll have more happy photos for 2013. all will be well. :)

fibrate said...

lovely photos Corsage!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks babe! I look forward to both our 2013 - so different and so exciting!

Thank you! I am thankful for a few nice shots. They make up for the general lack of photos in the year!