Breakfast Meet-ups

School has started for Bubbles, and this means I get a bit of time in the mornings to do things I otherwise would not with two kids in tow.

I schedule in chores, go for little outings with and for Bun, or simply stay home to work when she takes her morning nap.

There is now some semblance of a rhythm in the routines that take place in our household. With this, there comes courage for me to plan breakfast meet-ups with the closest friends just once or twice a week, careful not to tip the delicate balance between adequate rest and more play.

We had so much to catch up on, with this girlfriend's travels the last couple of weeks, and my surgery and family commitments. I was thankful she suggested a nice quiet place so we could hang out uninterrupted to chat.

I felt alive, and the me-before-babies was temporarily awakened as we conversed. We talked about the future, and agreed to hold each other accountable for behaviours we have decided are unbecoming and unfavourable, for the older women we will eventually be. 

Reflecting on this conversation, I marvel at how God has allowed our paths to cross. Two so very different people in a friendship held by the threads of common understanding, mutual respect, and comfortable companionship.

The breakfast was delicious, and a lovely way to spend the morning.

Our enjoyment must have rubbed off on Bun too, who happily played on the sofa before comfortably falling asleep in the stroller. If this behaviour continues, breakfast meet-ups with friends could become a staple in my weekly routine!


Yuling said...

Love how you describe this friendship! Beautiful words spoken from the heart. :)

Little Miss Snooze said...

Bun is so pretty and she certainly seems settled! Yay to something you can do for "me-before-baby"!

mummybean said...

Little Bun is adorable! Glad you have a routine and good friends to just be yourself with. Very important for a SAHM's sanity!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Very blessed to have this friendship! :)

Little Miss Snooze:
Haha, I wish I could use the word "settled" when trying to get her to sleep! This girl does not like sleep!

Oh yes, even a temporary SAHM!

imp said...


bookjunkie said...

she is so the lil bows in her hair.