Bread Yard

Bread Yard is one of my favourite places to go to for weekday breakfasts and lunches.

When I was still working, I held countless lunch discussions there. Now that I no longer go to the office, this is a choice venue for my breakfast appointments.

Its modern rustic set-up and the promise of freshly baked artisan breads are always a draw for me. Hands down, their Ham and Cheese sandwich is my favourite - it comes with delicious gooey cheese and thinly sliced apples, resulting in a beautiful combination of textures and flavours.

This little place is the brainchild of Ivan Ting, currently a student at SUTD, where Bread Yard itself is situated. Today, you will find his mother, sister and a few trusted friends working alongside him, providing unassuming, friendly service. They work really hard, as breads are baked on site early each morning for the day.

Besides delighting in their breads, I adore how they do eggs. There is something about perfectly cooked and seasoned eggs that heightens the enjoyment of a breakfast.

Also on the menu are various desserts and sides to complement to your choice of sandwich/main course.

Bread Yard also does takeaways. I sometimes have my little helper assist me in carrying the loaves home :) (We bought two different loaves and had them halved to swop with my parents - so we get to enjoy both flavours.)

Bread Yard 
20 Dover Drive
Block 4, SUTD
T: 6779 7986

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