The Christmas Present

I just received my first Christmas present - With a heart full of thanksgiving, the biopsy results of the tumour I had removed read "no evidence of atypia or malignancy". After the news, I slept most of the next day - perhaps due to the sheer relief of it all.

To celebrate, I took my girls for dinner at Caffé Beviamo and to see Tanglin Mall's daily Avalanche and Snow.

Bubbles had her very first Gingerbread Man. I thought she would not like it because she generally does not like spices in baked goods, but she surprised me by gobbling it up.

The Avalanche and Snow turned out to be a really messy affair. I imagined the snow to be flaked ice - light and cold to the touch. However, the avalanche and snow were made out of foam - not unlike those of foam parties for a non-kid crowd. Many kids were stripped down to shorts or came dressed in swim gear or rain coats! The foam was chest-high for some of them and many clearly had a blast. Alas, I was totally unprepared and dressed Bubbles in white skinny jeans!

I ended up just letting her get herself totally "snowed in" - white jeans and all.

It was nice watching her immersed in play. At home, she often asks to do pretend play where we imagine ourselves in snowy places, like living in igloos, so this was really special for her. At one point, she ran away from the crowd to stand by herself for a moment, catching some falling snow. I wished I was in a better position for a photo. All I managed to capture was this, before she ran off again:

As for Bun, it was her bedtime when all the excitement began. She struggled to keep awake. Drooping eyelids occasionally made way for starry-eyed wonder.

Despite the (adults') disappointment about having foam for snow, I must say it was quite an enjoyable little outing and we hope to be back again in proper attire.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news, babe! HE has you under his wings and in his protection. God bless and speedy recovery!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you for your wishes :)