Feeding Solids

We started Bun on semi-solids when she hit the 6 months mark. Her first taste of rice cereal was fed to her by Bubbles, who was so excited about the affair that she informed people she met in church the next day about it. 

Bun was intrigued by this new experience at first, but for almost a month, she was rather uninterested in food in general! She would clam her mouth shut, give us looks of disgust and even blew food out of her mouth. I was unprepared for her reactions as Bubbles was completely different at this age.

First taste
The expression she gave us pretty often, regardless of the food.

Let me focus on the ceiling fan and ignore the orange mush.

She likes to snatch the spoon to (sort of) feed herself, 
so I let her make a mess!

Very pleased at thwarting Mummy's plan. 
Chewing the end of the spoon is more fun!

I spoke to her pediatrician about it and she assured me that it was alright as breast milk is still where she should get most of her nutrients from. She suggested letting Bun chew on whole, uncooked pieces of food like carrots or zucchinis just to get her used to different tastes. So I did give it a go, with a cold piece of carrot, cut to fit Bun's little fist. She enjoyed gnawing on it very much!

The very next day after this carrot experiment, Bun suddenly seemed more interested in eating! Pure coincidence it must be of course. I look forward to seeing how her eating habits pan out.

PS: Her fringe is seriously getting into her eyes! I can't bear to get her hair trimmed just yet, so we're making do with hair-clips.


eveeleva said...

There's a proper word for this sorta weaning...i can't quite remember though...oh yah...baby led weaning. I have some friends who swear by it. They don't need to do all that pureeing that i did. Just gave their babies soft veges, even whole chicken strips for the baby to munch on! =)

It's supposed to cultivate better eating habits, cos bub will know when is enough, and you do want her to still continue breastfeeding.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You are right! Although the Paed's suggestion was to give her hard stuff to gnaw rather than eat. But just today I tried letting her bite a banana on her own! She was thrilled doing it. May want to do more but am a little afraid of choking!

Madeline said...

Aiyo so cute! Love the long hair lah very pretty.