A Mother-Daughter Outing at Parkway Parade

Since the arrival of Bun, I have tried to schedule one-on-one time with Bubbles on a regular basis. I actually miss spending uninterrupted stretches of time with her, and I think she does too. She enjoys these little outings, and feels grown-up when I call her my little companion, and tell her that I enjoy her company.

After my surgery, I was home-bound for quite a bit, and for the first week or so, was in too much pain to stand or sit for long. Thankfully, things got gradually better, and when I received an email inviting my daughters to Parkway Parade's Royal High Tea Party, I decided to say 'yes' and take Bubbles along.

If you know Bubbles in person, you would notice that she is not a pretty-in-pink princess sort of little girl. She has a certain gentleness about her, but with a mischievous streak and a strong will. She always chooses comfort before prettiness when it comes to clothes, although she would tell you she wants pretty clothes and shoes and be thrilled when she receives them!

I took her to the party with part apprehension and part curiosity. I wondered if I was doing the right thing to expose her to Disney Princess merchandise so early. However, I was also curious about how she would react, and what sort of impression such an event would have on her. I also felt like I was being a cool mom, for entering such a world together with her, one which many little girls I know enjoy. Most of all, I just wanted us to have a shared experience - something different from the humdrum we were in, an experience we could talk about after.

Here, the invited little girls, seated at a long, grand table. Many had tiaras and princess gowns on and behaved in an adorably proper way as only little girls would in a setting like this.

They were listening to a story told by a pretty Cinderella:

And served juices and cupcakes by people dressed like that:

Juices were served in disposable "wine glasses", and I must say Bubbles looked rather dainty as she sipped apple juice from her glass.

A big princess mobbed by little princesses:

Bubbles surprised me a little by being totally nonplussed by the event! She listened attentively to the story and the etiquette session (sit up straight, use napkins etc) and then simply wanted to get a key-chain with her name on it made (all the kids got one), finish up her juice and scoot off with me. She didn't want any photos taken, and didn't want any fuss. I was amused, glad, and perhaps a little proud of my little girl. Just like I was as a kid!

We went off to explore the mall with its newly opened wing. Parkway Parade is the first major mall in a Singapore heartland, and holds fond memories for me. We used to trek to the east of Singapore as kids on many a weekend. There was a huge rooftop playground then called Play Deck. We would play till the sky darkens, and then head back into mall for dinner at Hardee's. Those were the days!

Parkway Parade ends this year with a bang with the opening of their newly renovated retail wing housing old and new tenants like Din Tai Fung, PappaRich and Laline. Apart from being one of the major sponsors of the biggest Christmas light-up in Singapore, they also have several activities lined-up for their shoppers and the Marine Parade community to celebrate the festive holidays season.

Do check it out if you haven't been there in a while, or if you need a one-stop mall to shop, eat and run errands! I do think smaller malls make for more efficient shopping than big, sprawling ones. Bubbles and I did a spot of shopping after the event (she chose 3 dresses for me - You look fabulous, Mummy), and then had to rush back after dinner so that I could feed Bun. It was a nice girly outing for Bubbles and I!


imp said...

They pulled out all stops to re-create the scene. Not too Disney I hope. Awww...sweet Bubbles. Can't imagine her as all girlie though. :P Nice for you both to spend time together!

M. said...

Awww "you look fabulous, Mummy". That moment must be precious and priceless!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes they did! It was very Disney though! She wasn't all girlie. Haha. You know her well :)

Oh yes, and she was so loud that the sales assistants outside were giggling with amusement!

Susan said...

A mummy and daughter date is so sweet. Hope you have more of these special time with Bubbles.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

It is one of the nice things about having daughters! We really do enjoy each others company and I look forward for more one-on-one time with her as she grows.