Walks - A Family's Good Friend

We have been taking long walks as a family. Bubbles holding my hand, and Bun either in a stroller or strapped in a carrier. I'm surprised at the distances Bubbles' little legs can go these days as our walks can last more than an hour.

As we walk, we chat about what we see, how we feel, make-up stories, or experiment with different ways of moving (hop on one leg, avoid stepping on lines etc). We've spotted a variety of animals and insects, bird feathers, tadpoles, mushrooms, and other interesting flora.

Sometimes it rains, and we would hurriedly seek shelter as we whip out our umbrellas. Bubbles will use 'her' pink umbrella (a complimentary one we received from a supermarket buy), and scurry around with glee.

Look, an umbrella with legs!

I know too little about plants. Besides the common ixoras, mimosas, orchids, morning glorys, bird's nest ferns, rain trees, angsana trees, and pong pong trees, there are few others that I can name. I mark this as another learning journey I want to take.

Still, the walks have been enjoyable. We arrive back home feeling refreshed from the healthy exertion, the pleasures of nature, and accepting companionship of family. This is one activity that we want to keep doing!


Does anyone know what is this? I am pretty sure I learnt about this yonks ago. The seeds are obviously scattered by wind. What tree does this come from? The name eludes me!

Thanks to all who shared with me your thoughts about this fruit! I am using the information you shared with me in this edit.

I do think that the fruit we was is likely from the African Tulip Tree. However, I am now curious if it is the same as the more sinister-sounding Midnight Horror Tree!. The latter's fruits seem to hang down rather than grow upwards like the African Tulip though so I doubt it is the same plant. But the fruits look so similar otherwise! I'll be happy to hear from anyone who knows better!

National Parks Singapore has this write-up you can download:
The 10 most common trees in Singapore.
Go have a look - it is worth a read! This knowledge will definitely make our future walks more interesting.


imp said...

I think... Flame of the forest!

Mum in the Making said...

I think its the African Tulip! But these are not common, did you guys keep the fruit? :)

MG said...


jooo said...

Probably Flame of the forest!

Karmeleon said...

Funny - I can't see the photo of the seed

Karmeleon said...

Ok - could see only when I clicked on the absent photo.

It's definitely the African Tulip Tree's Seed Pod.


Another "wind-dispersed" seed you'd commonly see in SG is that of the Trumpet Flower Tree . The seeds spin as they float downwards in the wind!!!! Pretty!

Jacinta said...

What a good way to bond and keep healthy at the same time! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks for all guesses and comments! Yes, I do believe it is the African Tulip Tree after lots of Googling. Now I'm curious if it is the same as Midnight Horror!

Yes indeed! You can do couple walks too. A great bonding activity :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

No we didn't keep the fruit! We should have! I was pushing a stroller and Bubbles was running off so I was rather distracted. At least I took a photo :)