Mickey Mouse joy

In the process of clearing out my old room, this little gem was found - a child-sized Mickey Mouse ring that I owned and loved as a kid.

My father bought it during one of his long work trips to (I think) the USA. I believe our Donald Duck plushies were bought on that same trip. Actually, I remember he bought two, one each for my sister and I, but one is now missing.

My mother cleaned and placed the ring in a little pink plastic box before presenting it to Bubbles. Needless to say, Bubbles was thrilled. Probably as thrilled as I was when I first received it many years ago, when it was quite a bit shinier. She wore it for the whole afternoon and declared herself "so pretty now".

I guess bringing a smile to a little girl's face is not too difficult a thing to do :)

Bubbles always seems to have some kind of ink/paint/crayon mark on her. The one in this photo is a small one, but as I write this, I just remembered that I forgot to clean off a long green line down her leg! Are other 3-year-olds like that too?


Missus Tay said...

i'm guessing she's not willing to take out the ring now? ;)

yes, i remember my nephew with streaks of green marker ink on his legs.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Missus Tay:
Actually it kept falling off with her jumping around! I was so worried Bun would eat it =P Marker ink on legs - sigh. Bubbles perpetually has them! She loves drawing on her own skin =P

Dora said...

Yeah, my 3yo XJ always got ink marks on his palms. BTW, the Mickey ring is cute :-)