An Indoor Picnic Invitation

School holidays are fast approaching. I look forward to spending long, lazy mornings with Bubbles once again.

Till, then, I work on daily 'invitations' made ready for her when she returns home from school each day. Usually, I set out art materials, a forgotten about puzzle or toy, or some books. I've also done elaborate stuff like laying out a 'scene' from a recent book we've read using things we already have, or really simple ones like re-arranging a few things in her room.
Thinking about the word 'invitation' recently made me do this instead:

A real invitation. To a picnic. From Mickey :)

She squealed, she really did. I then watched her chatter with Mickey and take little bites and sips of the laid out picnic.

When she spied me peeking at them, she excitedly asked me to join them too. It was an invitation I could not refuse!


Pris said...

LOVEEEE this! This is such a sweet and cute idea. You're such a creative mom!

lynklee said...

You're such a sweet mummy!

Susan said...

That's so cute. Goes to show how 'playful' mummy can be.

Kelly said...

Welcome back to blogging corsage! I can't remember if I've said my congratulations, but even if I did, a super big welcome to the world to your new little lady!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment back at my blog, apologies that I took so long to reply. There's just too much life to be lived, so I got lazy from blogging :)

Is it also so wrong for me to play tea parties with K coz we have been doing this on occasions too! : p


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks! You could modify the idea and do it too, when the time is right :)

I try!

I wish I had more playfulness in me!

Thanks for the welcome! I totally understand about having so much life to live! And you should! Live to the fullest :) Did you ever do sneak peaks of your new place though?? ;)

fibrate said...

How lovely :) Time I dug up Muffin's little wooden tea sets and all. She'd insist on Pooh, I'm sure. Maybe Piglet too if her mood is good

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Ahh, Pooh and Piglet! They do join in these meals too - when they are on their clean cycle. haha. I rotate plushies to wash them. She has mild dust mite allergy! Do dig out those wooden tea sets! Why have they been kept?

Dora said...

My son is a fan of Mickey, can you invite him too to the picnic? :-)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Ohhh! Of course =) Is he into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse too? Bubbles is! We make her watch it in Mandarin on weekdays. hur hur