The Verandah - Singapore Polo Club

Brunch! A new regular feature in our weekly schedule. We usually head to a kid-friendly place every Saturday morning to enjoy a leisurely big breakfast. So big that we often don't bother with lunch after. Roboman and I do not like crowds, and try to avoid places that are too popular, preferring little eateries off the beaten track.

Once in a blue moon, Roboman takes leave from work on a weekday, and we try to go to somewhere just a little different. We were pleasantly surprised by a recent cafe discovery - The Verandah at the Singapore Polo Club. This place is open to the public on weekdays only.

To be honest, the quality of the food is average, and you shouldn't go there expecting to be wowed by the meal. However, everything else about this place gives it a big plus in our books.

The cafe is literally situated on a verandah of sorts, overlooking a field and a track where riders take their horses out for a trot. See how empty it was on the day we were there. Love. The quiet, relaxing atmosphere was precious. They also have the usual high-chairs and familiar Ikea cutlery, bowls and plates for kids.

As we were there a little late in the morning, with the heat of the sun beginning to make an uncomfortable presence, there were only a few horses on the track. 

However, that was enough to entertain Bubbles, who took regular breaks from eating to watch the horses go by.

After our meal, we took a walk around the place. We saw the horses' stables, where some horses were being groomed. We didn't want to intrude and thus observed from a distance. 

There is an indoor location where riders take lessons. We missed a morning lesson by a couple of minutes. It would have been fun to watch! Bubbles still remembers her first and only pony ride at the Singapore Zoo over a year ago. We really should take her again.

It was an enjoyable morning for us, and we will most definitely head to The Verandah again. Perhaps earlier in the morning, and with another family!


Did you notice her pretty skirt? It is Bubbles' Big Sister present from us when Bun arrived :) From the ever-trendy and affordable Cotton On Kids.


Regina said...

Looks like a place the boy would love!

Thanks for sharing!

Miss Leney said...

Love her red tutu skirt! This place looks fantastic! Might pay it a visit when we come back in Feb! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You're welcome! Remember to go on a weekday!

Hey babe - yep was bugging me for a tutu skirt for the longest time! She received her first one when she stopped needing diapers :) Hope you are well!

Geraldine said...

That's a nice tutu skirt! Btw, only open on weekedays...? The other place where we caught a glimpse of some horses is at Riders Cafe.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

It is only open to the public on weekdays, yes. Weekends are reserved for club members. Yes, Riders is the default place we go for horses! I quite like the food there too. Downside is that it gets crowded.

mummybean said...

I used to go there with DD before we had kids! Good for a quiet dinner :) I actually quite like the spaghetti bolognaise. It's been years tho so I'm not sure if it's the same! Maybe I can head down some time with the kids.