Bun's Birth Story - Perfect Timing

This is a long story but a precious one to me because it is a testimony of God' perfect timing for Bun, and for our family. I am glad I finally wrote it:

The Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) for this 2nd pregnancy was 1 June 2012. During gynae checks in early May, low water levels in my womb were detected.

On Monday 14 May, my doctor expressed concern that the water levels were getting too low despite me not showing any signs of labour. She was willing to only give me another 3 days to see if I go into labour naturally and if I did not, she would need to induce me, for the safety of the baby. I knew about the possible dangers of induction, and did not feel comfortable 'forcing' the baby out before she was ready. We prayed either for my water levels go up (I don't actually know if that's possible), or that somehow inducing would not need to be an option.

By Thursday 17 May, I still showed no signs of labour despite me walking as much as my heavy-bellied body allowed me to for those few days. Roboman and I dropped Bubbles off at school and with a heavy heart (for me, at least!) brought our hospital bag in preparation for a delivery to see my gynae. She did a scan and immediately looked grave. Even the nurse by her side looked quite shocked because there seemed to be hardly any water left in my womb. My heart dropped.

Doc then explained that she needed to give me a pill to induce labour, and even if I did not go into labour, I would need to ward by 8pm, as it could be dangerous to the baby. She then did a fetal heart rate check to make sure the baby was alright. Then, just before she administered the pill, she discovered with surprise that I was already 3cm dilated!

My gynae showed obvious relief  that my body was going into labour naturally. She said one can never tell how a person reacts to the induction pill. I was amazed, and relieved. She then asked that I immediately check into the delivery ward, and explained that she would use the more natural option of inducement - the oxytoxin drip. Many women who go into labour are assisted by oxytoxin anyway, so I no longer worried.

We headed to the delivery ward, where I was strapped in and given an epidural. It was exactly 12 noon, and the nurse took a photo for us.

Then, amazingly, I felt contractions soon after! They happened so quickly and before I knew it, I was getting them 5 minutes apart. My doctor was amazed that my body decided to go into labour on the very day she thought she needed to get the baby out.

By 1.30pm, my contractions were so close together and I was dilating so quickly that it was no longer even necessary to give me oxytoxin!

By 3.30pm I was ready to push the baby out, and our dear little Bun was out before 4pm! It was a really fast and smooth labour.

As with my 1st delivery, I requested for immediate breastfeeding. Just like before, it was an amazing experience holding, nursing, and observing my brand new baby. I will always remember these two precious moments.

Bun, at 2.6kg, was much smaller than her sister at birth, but otherwise healthy and (to us) really sweet :)

An Added Bonus
Another sweet surprise came in a while later - we were told we will be bumped up to the Executive Level as the maternity wards were full! I got to enjoy a beautiful room with a Nespresso machine (not that I had any coffee but Roboman and my dad did), and more importantly - a gorgeous bathroom with very nice toiletries. It was a very quiet floor, unlike the maternity ward where there is a constant stream of visitors. I was very comfortable during my stay there, and enjoyed the excellent service. I really could have stayed on for longer!

My 1st meal after delivery. I was SO.HUNGRY.

Cuddles with curious little Bun

Bun was born with a head of very neat hair.
When Bubbles saw her, she thought I gave her sister a hair-cut!

After 2 restful nights, it was time for us to head home.
Here is Bun in a lovely 'going home' outfit my sister chose.
You can see little dimples just below the edges of her lips, and the beginnings of many smiles.

Home sweet home with my beloved. 

He makes all things beautiful.
In His Time.


Pebbles said...

So, so perfect!

Read about all the discomfort you had in this pregnancy and GOD definitely rewarded you at the end!


Missus Tay said...

oh, our girls are less than 2 weeks apart!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes I was really glad to be done with the pregnancy to be honest. It was a tough one indeed. Am thankful everything worked out so perfectly in the end. I must always remind myself of this!

Missus Tay:
Oh yes, I recall it was around the same time! Yours is also a May baby?

Miss Leney said...

What an angel! Such a gorgeous little girl! You must be so proud :)She looks very much like her sister! Too cute!

~Summer~ said...

Awwww, she is soooooo sweet! Glad everything went so smoothly for you!! =) And that you didn't the pill eventually, I took the oxytocin for my first bb too! And like how you felt, now I'm very much looking forward to seeing my second bb girl! =) Thanks for sharing her birth story!

Rachel said...

Aww your little gal is so lovely. So glad to hear that her birth was smooth and quick...just a sign of good things to come with another precious child in your family.

Daddy and Mummy said...

She is so sweet, to make such a timely arrival!

Madeline Heng said...

Wow that's really perfect timing! God is never early but he is also never late indeed! :)

Geraldine said...

Hi Corsage, congratz on your bundle of joy, she's very beautiful :) I have a similar birth story as you - low amniotic fluid, might need to be induced, wait it out, labour came naturally, took about 4 hours after admission. Cheers to many more good things to come!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

They do look rather alike don't they? Bun is a mini of her sis, since she's smaller :)

Ooh, two girls too! It will be lovely - I am enjoying my girls. Roboman says in jest that he has been outnumbered and may need to get a male dog though. Haha

I was really surprised how quick it was. If I wasn't already in hospital I may have had to make a mad rush there!

Daddy and Mummy:
Yes indeed. Amazing timing.


Oh wow, the same! Mine was so unexpected as it was a real contrast to my first labour!

Lady J said...

Bun is absolutely gorgeous! And her hair - such envy! Congrats again! ;)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Lady J:
Thanks babe! :) Yes her hair really is her crowning glory. We have approached by many more strangers than usual because of it!

Mummy Kless said...

I love that photo of her clenching her fist! She's so sweet!! :)

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Congrats. She is beautiful.

Chuzai Living said...

What a cute baby!!! Thanks for following me on Twitter. Your blog is very pretty!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you! My first child didn't clench her fists as much, strangely!

Thank you!

Chuzai Living:
Thanks for popping by and leaving a note! Your blog is beautiful and I just realised you have a little baby too. Will be popping by often :)

Pris said...

It's so good to see you back! Hallelujah, God works in His own amazing ways!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks for the warm welcome :)

M said...

Having been through two induced labors, I have to say it's not fun at all and my labours were long but I'm not complaining :)
Thankfully you it was fast and smooth in the end! My mouth drop at the part where you had hardly any water! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh! Glad everything went well for you in the end. Yes I was so worried just looking at the faces of my doctor and the nurse when hardly any water was detected!