Bubbles' 3rd Birthday

One of the happy things that happened recently was the celebration of Bubbles' 3rd birthday. She turned three last month. (Yes, THIRD birthday - how did it all happen so quickly?)

When I broached the subject of a birthday party, Roboman's response was: Aren't we just going out to dinner?. But because he is/was such a dear, and let me have the last word on this, we did have a party in the end. He was, however, adamant about not including adult friends (unless of course they happen to be parents of Bubbles' invited guests) and subjecting them to a kiddy party - something I too agreed.

Once we decided on the party theme, I spent a few weeks reading sea-related books with Bubbles, and doing activities related to the theme. We also made a trip to the Underwater World - a visit that made quite an impression on her - especially with regards to sting-rays and sea worms!

This year, I didn't wield a camera at all during the party. On one hand, it was great that I was totally immersed with the present, but on the other, I am disappointed that we have very few nice photos of our guests and the party on-goings. Thankfully, because I have had a few months of learning to focus on the things that truly matter, I got over my disappointment much faster than I would otherwise have.

Nevertheless, here are a few snapshots (of non-moving things) from that afternoon:

At the Door

A Jellyfish-y Craft
I was thrilled when I heard about two of our guests who insisted on taking their jellyfish wherever they went after the party that weekend. The materials used to make these were all stuff I already had at home - a great $$-saving activity! Wonderful for someone like me who has taken some time off from work.

Sea-themed Cups and Paper Napkins

Fruit Cuppies for the kids 
My dear friend came by one day and dropped off a whole bunch of gorgeous Sea-themed party ware. These cups and napkins are just two of them!

A Fruity Fish
A brainchild of my mother and sister

Chocolate Birthday Cake and Vanilla Cupcakes

I made a promise to myself to learn to bake so that I can make cakes, breads and cookies for my kids. I want them to have memories of baking aromas from the kitchen, and be able to make requests for home-baked goodies. Hurray that I managed to do it for the party! I, the one who served up a flat cake at a Home Economics examination years ago, thereafter declaring that I wanted nothing to do with baking. May this will be an encouragement to all who wish to bake but feel that they cannot. I was in that mode for years!

I did spend a couple of weeks watching YouTube videos, testing recipes and trying out cake decorations - causing our home's electricity bill to shoot up as a result. (I also slept very little. Oops. Thank you adrenaline.) The cakes were obviously not perfect, but I did get a couple of compliments, not just about how they look, but also how they taste :) Most importantly, Bubbles enjoyed them!

Besides cake, we also served "Octopus" sausages (sadly I don't have any photos of those!), tuna sandwiches and sushi.

Chocolate made with Sea Creature Moulds
Given as part of a 'Find the Yellow Fishes' Scavenger Hunt and gobbled up fairly quickly by a few kids.

Party Favours!
Origami paper with instructions on how to make various paper sea creatures, 
and a bottle of bubbles each.

The kids were all sent downstairs towards the end of the party with some bread to feed fishes at a pond in our estate. Then, it was free and easy playground play with lots of bubble-blowing.

It was a fairly simple party to put together, and Bubbles did enjoy herself having her closest friends around. However, she did tell me a couple of days later that she didn't like the part where everyone sang her the birthday song! This, along with the fact that she refused a birthday celebration in school, confirmed what I have long been suspecting - that my dear daughter really does not like being in the limelight. This is an insight that I hold dear, and a preference of hers that I want to respect. This may very well change how we celebrate her birthdays in the future too! Let's see.

The day after her birthday, my dear Bubbles came up to me and said pointedly: Mummy, I will be turning FOUR soon.

I know, baby. Too soon.

- Images on cupcake toppers from 3 Dinosaurs Ocean Pack.
- I unfortunately lost the link to the Sea Creatures image I used for the welcome sign and the chocolate wrappers. If you are the image owner or know of the link, please do email me so that I can add the link here. Thanks!


Regina S said...

What fabulous ideas those were, right down to the chocolate 'fish' cake and fruit platter!

Well done :) Bet Bubbles enjoyed herself!

eveeleva said...

Happy belated birthday bubbles!!!

N the cake looks ever so awesome!!!!

fibrate said...

Wow! That must have taken A LOT of effort. I would never dream that for myself and Muffin - I'm only good at ordering custom made cakes hehe...

Ai Sakura said...

Aww how lovely! Lil Pumpkin is very into mermaids now and is going to the Underwater World end of the mth. Happy belated birthday Bubbles!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Liza said...

Everything look fantastic! I love the DIY Jellyfish corner!

Unknown said...

What an awesome party with so many DIY elements! I love the Jellyfish craft and the cake. Did you bake it yourself? Kudos! :)

~Summer~ said...

Happy 3rd birthday Bubbles! The fish cake looks amazing and I would love to eat one of those yummy cupcakes right now! =p Hehe. Always love reading on bday posts. =)

Pris said...

WOW! What an awesome party! I lovveeed your chocolate cake!! What a superb job!!! **pat pat Mummy**

DinoMama said...

wow! the party looks wonderful and every thing so perfect! Bake a cake n so many cupcakes (with decoration and all??!!), you are really very good!

yAnn said...

What an amazing party! You ARE a super mama :) Happy birthday to Bubbles!

loveourchildrennow said...

It's a beautiful birthday party! The cake, the cupcakes, the chocolates look great. And I really admire how you worked hard to learn to bake. Congrats! You should be very very proud of yourself :) What you did for the goody bag was wonderful. Everything looks so professional.

I am very very impressed :)

The Kam family said...

Lucky Bubble! Happy belated birthday!

Missus Tay said...

Very inspiring! Hopefully I will have the motivation to learn how to bake when we have our own place!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. It was certainly a learning and rewarding experience for me. I am glad to have been able to do this and I hope I have inspired others to do the same.

I will be attempting to hone my baking skills in this year's break from work. Look out for posts on those!

Ai Sakura:
I'm sure Lil Pumpkin will enjoy the Underwater World! The tunnel in particular is quite magical for kids.

Jamie said...

Great job on the cake and cupcakes! Coincidentally i told myself i will pick up baking in time to bake a cake for no 2's bd in Dec, alas, I haven't even started and don't think can make it by then already :( And my no1 told me the same thing too, that she doesn't like ppl clapping and singing bd song to her, thats why I still haven't planned any party for her :p

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Dec! You still have time! Let me know if you want a simple recipe to use. A basic chocolate cake perhaps? Oh your girl is like mine! Just that Bubbles used to like the whole birthday song thing. At least she did last year!