Baby-inspired Conversations

Besides the initial ‘Why the baby cannot come out?’ question, I’ve been enjoying getting to know my little 2-year-old Bubbles more through the questions and comments she has put forth about her upcoming baby sibling. They really make me wonder what else could be stirring in that little brain of hers!

First of all, she used to say that the baby is in ‘Mummy’s stomach’. I’ve since taught her that the baby is in my womb. She has also suddenly developed a keen interest in looking at photos of herself as a baby. As we looked through her baby photos (countless times), I took the opportunity to explain terms like umbilical cord and breastfeeding, and draw attention to fun things like how tiny her toes were. I also introduced the concept of her being an older sister (jie jie), by pointing out other kids she knows who have younger siblings. She seems to have taken very well to the idea of being a jie jie!

Here’re a few memorable things Bubbles has said about Bun, or about babies in general. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed hearing them first-hand!

Mummy, I want to talk to the baby!
Moves my arms away so that my belly is not blocked.
She shouts to my belly. (She always raises her voice when talking directly to my belly)
Holds up her most prized possession to my belly – a squashed little bolster.
She waits a while and asks:
Mummy, what is the baby saying??

Mummy, why babies cannot walk?
That’s because they are not strong enough to walk my dear.
When you were a baby, you couldn’t walk either and had to be carried.

A couple of days later:
Mummy, can you buy a stroller for my baby doll?
Because she is a baby and cannot walk. I NEED a stroller.
(Guess what she’s getting for Christmas?)

Mummy, when the baby comes out I will tickle the baby’s ears.
Then the baby with laugh and laugh.

Mummy, when the baby is born then the baby will sit on your lap then I will play with the baby and the baby will be SOOO happy.

I come home from work one day and she reaches out both hands to stroke my belly.
Hello baby. Sayang, sayang.
Kisses my belly.

She comes to my room one day and sees me lying on my back hugging a big pillow.
Mummy! You are hurting the baby!
Motions for me to remove the pillow from my belly.

In the car, she suddenly said:
Mummy, I want you to breastfeed the baby.
Yes dear, I will when the baby is born.
Now, Mummy, now!
(This led to a lengthy discussion about how Bun is receiving nutrients from me through the umbilical cord.)

2 conversations stood out as most memorable because they happened when I was putting her to bed. I had turned off the lights, and she was already on her side hugging her bolster and sucking her thumb:

Before bed 1:
She suddenly flips over.
Mummy, I want to talk!
Huh? (a tad concerned) Okay, what do you want to talk about?
WHO put the baby in your womb?
Oh (taken aback) God put the baby in my womb, my dear.
Well, God gave me my 1st baby, that is you, and now He is giving us another baby. Just like He gave Por Por 2 babies – Mummy and Yi Yi, and He gave Ah Ma 3 babies – Daddy, Tua Pek and Tua Gor.
she nodded, flips back to her side and sucks her thumb to sleep.

Phew. I’m not ready to talk about birds and the bees with a 2-year-old!

Before bed 2:
She earnestly calls for me in the dark.
Yes? I drearily said, wishing she would just sleep already.
Did you get a Bumbo seat for the baby?
I was immediately alert, surprised that she remembered the Bumbo seat I borrowed for her
and have since returned to a friend.
Erm, no I haven’t. I’ll need to borrow it from someone.
Yes Mummy, you MUST borrow it from someone.
Do you think the baby would like a Bumbo seat?

That’s it for now folks, the conversations that brought smiles and giggles the last few difficult weeks =)

By the way, I'm now 16 weeks into my pregnancy! Am still -1kg from pre-pregnancy weight though, so many people have commented that I look slimmer (when they don't notice my tummy). Pregnancy has by far been my most effective weight loss programme. Ahem.


June said...

Bubbles is so cute. I can tell she's gonna be a doting jie-jie. :P

Ai Sakura said...

So sweet to read about Bubbles talking to her lil sibling :)

As usual, eat more, rest well and may you have a smooth pregnancy! Many blessings and happy hols to you and your family :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

lilsnooze said...

She's going to be a really good and caring jiejie!

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

Oh how I enjoy Bubbles' conversations on her baby sibling! No worries about your weight loss. I was only on positive weight gain after 20 weeks when I was pregs with Anya and my absolute weight gain at full term was a miserable 7kg. But it was all good as Anya came out a good size 3.33kg and for me? I went back to my pre-pregs weight even before the 4th week of my confinement. Not a bad thing huh? :P

Susan said...

Her conversations with mei mei are so sweet and so funny. You must be glad to know that she's accepting her her role as a Jie Jie.

pink cloth microphone said...

So sweet! She's going to be a fantastic che-che.

If you need a Bumbo, holler. Can pass mine along to you.

Jamie said...

Awww she's really very sweet, your Bubbles.. and i'm sure she will be a wonderful big sister!

bookjunkie said...

sooo sweet. esp the part where she wants to share her bolster :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I really pray so! She seems really excited to know if the baby is a boy or a girl too.

Ai Sakura:
Thanks for all the well-wishes! May you and your family have a lovely Christmas and wonderful year ahead!

I hope so! She's still occasionally violent to her baby doll =P

Anya's Mom:
Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, with Bubbles I lost even more weight and put on a total of around 10kg. This round I was surprised as I thought I ate a lot more than I did previously! For me it was tough to keep the weight down esp after stopping breastfeeding! =P

Yes, I'm very glad she seems to enjoy being a Jie Jie. She refers to herself as one more often these days! Quite cute ;)

Ooh, thanks! I'll ask again when the time comes to see if you still have it! It is hot property for passing around :)

Thank you :) I hope she will be too, especially since she's so used to being the center of attention in the family!

Yes that one really surprised me! Her bolster is her most prized possession. She needs it when she sleeps and she even tells it 'I love you' and asks me to pray for it?!! Haha.

Vicky Tan said...

It's nice that she slowly accepting her new role. I am still trying to educate my... Btw I think we are having no 2 at the same time...

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