Swimming again. Thanks to Seafolly

I have been searching for a swimsuit. A one-piece that flatters and is stylish.

Swimming was always my default choice of exercise. I love being in the pool and getting a workout without feeling sweat drip all over me. I swam all through my pregnancy, up till the night before I delivered.

Unfortunately, I'm one of those mothers who emerged from my pregnancy very scarred around the tummy (boo hoo) and I'll probably never wear a two-piece suit again. Somehow, many of the mothers in my neighbourhood are still able to flaunt flawless tummies! Why?! Many are mothers of more than 1 kid too. I have to admit that this has made me shy away from swimming for months.

Just last week, my dear sister took me to Seafolly to get a swimsuit. I found one that fit me perfectly, with a beautiful twist around the bust area. The style and cut reflect a classic 50s feel. My initial choice was to go for a polka-dotted fabric but finally decided on a rich navy blue for more wearability. (As much as I love polka-dotted everything - a polka dotted swimsuit screams for attention, and I sometimes do not want that!)

My first swim in this piece was utterly refreshing. I promise to squeeze time for regular laps!


Kelly said...

Oh! I'm on a lookout for a new swimsuit too. We have started k on swim school for a bit now. I too carry the scars post baby :( so I know exactly how u feel. I like how your seafolly is simple yet stylish! Good choice!

imp said...

this is one of the absolute classic looks that I love. :) I know you'll look great in it. swim on milady!

mummybean said...

seafolly is ex but i love their swimsuits. my 2 suits which i use now are from seafolly too. got them in sydney. have fun swimming! (btw, i find the pool are your place super cold!)

Susan said...

Oh I found a fellow polka dots lover. Good on you for going back to swim. I used to do it more often when I stayed in a condo. These days going to the pool would be too much logistics if I've to bring Sophie along.
Swimming in style. Good for you.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Seafolly is great! I knew I would find something I liked there but I was avoided it to try to find a cheaper alternative. In the end I decided the price is worth it =) Ooh, I'm thinking about swimming lessons with the Bub now that I have my gear ;)

Thanks babe! It is really flattering - I was really surprised!

Yes they are ex! But now I've decided the price is right :) Are they cheaper Down Under? Oh yes, our pool is cold. I just found out the scientific reason why from a neighbour last week - something to do with the fact that we have a space below (underground carpark) which makes the heat from the sun dissipate! But I quite easily get used to the cold as long as the swim is not early in the morning :)

Yay to polka dots! :) Yes I'm really thankful I've a pool at easy reach. Kudos to you though for keeping to an exercise regime!

Miss Leney said...

Sea Folly is a good brand, although abit steep. However, they do have very nice and stylish swimsuits!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I would have preferred to buy something cheaper but found that none of the cheaper options fit well! :( I suppose if I had the perfect sort of figure, it would be a different story ;)

bookjunkie said...

I do love swimsuits with pintucks and gathers in all the right places. The price is worthwhile as swimsuits last a long time. I once had one for years (not sure what brand) till it wore out to too indecently thin.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You're quite right! Having the right design/fit makes a huge difference. And thanks for giving me another reason to be ok with the price! hee ;)