On the Actual Day

Bubbles' birthday fell on a Thursday this year. She woke up early that morning, and while we were waiting for our families to arrive to start the celebrations, I gave her the Let's Rock Elmo as her 1st birthday present. I wanted to wait for everyone to arrive before presenting her with the other gifts from friends that were hidden in a cupboard. One of her presents were from Pixie Threads, a gorgeous T-shirt that she wore that entire day!

After enjoying some play with Elmo, I decided to take out her birthday cake to let her have some fun in doing the decorations. Here she is concentrating hard. Putting sprinkles on her very own birthday cake gave her such a thrill!

Soon, the parentals on both sides came, along with our siblings. It was most hilarious that they each came bearing gifts! Bubbles was really quite overwhelmed. She's always happy when her favourite people come to visit, and now with gifts too?! You could see her eyes grow to wide in amazement as she excitedly (but quietly) accepted the presents one after another before passing them on to me (haha)!

Soon, it was time to sing the birthday song. We always sing 3 versions: The English, Mandarin, and the May the good Lord bless you versions. The candles were blown and the cake cut.

She couldn't wait to taste the cake and promptly licked the knife after the cake cutting! Most amusing. We then let her sit to enjoy her chocolate cake, which she did very, very much, with full concentration once again.

More sweets were presented in the form of macarons that my sister brought back from Zurich. These were from Luxemburgerli, a rather well-known place for light macarons.

True to her chocolate-loving self, the Bubs only wanted the chocolatey flavours! Nom nom nom!

After the feasting, she spent some time playing with one of her favourite presents this year, a baby doll! She fed the baby, asked for her clothes to be changed, imagined the baby crying before comforting it etc etc. It was most entertaining for us to watch.
We then headed out for a special birthday outing, unfortunately leaving our camera behind!

More in the next birthday post...


Lady J said...

Happy Belated Birthday Greetings to Bubbles... She looked really sweet in that get-up! Also, like that you got her creative juices flowing by letting her decorate her own cake.
And you lucky gal for trying those macarons from Zurich!! Were there good? Friends say it's not as sweet as Laduree.

lilac butterfly said...

What a happy and blessed child she is! :)

goolypop said...

happy happy happy mirfdei to bubbles!! :)

celcilia_tjioe said...

Happy birthday, sweetieee.... *hugs and kisses from Indonesia* :)

Pixie Threads said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! She looks good in the tee! ;) and such a huge haul of presents! she's really so blessed to be so loved! :D

bookjunkie said...

love that photo of Bubbles biting into the chocolate goodness...cute!

Happy Birthday Bubbles :)

Ai Sakura said...

happy birthday bubbles!
always a joy seeing a child grow up through a mummy blog :)it's been a great one year "knowing" u!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Anonymous said...

Whoo...How sweet to decorate her own bday cake. Bubs sure look really happy. N happy belated bdy too!

Candice said...

Happy blessed birthday, A! May you be always happy and healthy!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Lady J:
Thanks for the birthday greetings! I found the macarons a tad too sweet! Down a notch or two would have been better. But then again, I'm the sort who prefers not overly sweet desserts :)

Lilac Butterfly:
She is! Very blessed, and we're blessed to have her in the family :)

Hee, thank you!! :)

Ooh *catches hugs and kisses* Thanks babe :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Pixie Threads:
THANKS so much for the Tee! I really love it and she does too :) Esp like the furry flower and the print you chose for the '2'!

Thanks for birthday wishes! Hee yes when she eats something she likes, it is with much gusto!

Ai Sakura:
Wow, and the year has flown by, hasn't it? :) I'm still amazed you remember the party last year!

Yes she really enjoyed decorating the cake! hee. You can do that with your Bub too!

Thanks so much for the wishes! :)

just me said...

happy belated birthday sweetie pie! may you be joyful always!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday once again Bubbles. Loved how you got her involved by decorating her own birthday cake. And I think a chocolate cake is always a favorite with kids.