More toddler conversations

Conversing with Bubbles has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of parenthood so far. While I am terrible at keeping a neat record of events and conversations, I do remember snippets, some of which I hope to regularly share on this space!

Hope you enjoy reading these!

While looking out the window and seeing someone walk his dog: 
Mummy, can you buy me a REAL dog?
Who is going to bathe and feed the dog?
Bubbles!! she immediately exclaims.
Oh really? Wow. And who is going to clean the dog's bum bum after he poos?
Errr she thinks really hard: I don't know!

On a Tuesday morning, my first work day of the week.
I don't want Mummy to work!
Mummy has to go to work today my dear.
Why Mummy has to work?
Err well, Mummy needs to work to earn money.
I don't want money! I want to throw money on the floor! I want to kick money away!
(said with as much fury and corresponding arm and leg gestures as she could muster)

On the day after her birthday party, our doorbell rings.
She perks up:
Who is coming to give Bubbles presents??
(Oh dear, oh dear!)

My mum serves lady's fingers (okra) for lunch.
She giggles and exclaims: Por Por! I'm eating Lady's Toes!

At bedtime, she suddenly turns to me and strokes my arm.
Because Mummy work so hard!
She then turns and drops off to sleep!

On the baby monitor early one morning.
I hear the pitter patter of her little feet.
She opens her bedroom door and patters over to open our room's door, bolster in her arms.
Who is coming? Who is coming?
She says in a sing-song voice.
I play along and ask: Who is coming?
Bubbles!!  she shouts
With a huge grin on her face, she clamours onto our bed.

I arrive at my parents' place after a long, hard day at work.
Hello Mummy! How was your beautiful day?
(And my awful day suddenly truly becomes beautiful!)

From my sister's FB status:
2-yr old niece is so articulate and funny. She never fails to crack me up.
Came home early from work today...
Niece (chirping loudly): Yi Yi! Haven't seen you for a long time! (x 4)
Me (wearing a mesh top): *walks over grinning* 
Niece (suddenly stares and looks serious): Yi Yi.. why are there holes in your shirt?!


k said...

"Because Mummy work so hard!" She's so sweet!

Kelly said...

Green with envy at her being all happy and positive about going to your room! K either ninjas us in the middle of the night or he runs over crying :( in hindsight, we really didn't need the baby monitor. He's as loud as anything!

janie said...

awww, i just love this age! my toddler is almost 2 and says the funniest and darnedest things!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

That really blew me away! :)

When she is in a good mood! ;) I find that I can't hear her when both our doors are shut (and with the drone of the air-conditioning). Will likely be using the baby monitor for a long time to come!

Yes! A very enjoyable age indeed :) I'm sure you're having lotsa happy laughs yourself!

bookjunkie said...

I just absolutely love that she said:

"I don't want money! I want to throw money on the floor! I want to kick money away!"

We need to learn from the lil babes who know what real joy is :) there's some deep philosophy there.

M. said...

I love reading your toddler conversations. It never fails to put a smile on my face (and not to mention, change my perspective on kids a.k.a. they are cute and not-so-scary!)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I was contemplating writing a full blog post on those 'money' statements that she made. The emotions that flooded me the very moment when she said them. But the emotions are still too raw. Gotta let them settle first :)

:)) I wouldn't dare say there's nothing scary about kids though! Although most of the scary bits are about coping with the different phases of their development!

Anonymous said...

she really is very articulate, amazing!
Does she actually call herself Bubbles? :)

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