A lazy brunch at Privé Bakery Café

We've done so much these past few days that I feel somewhat accomplished!

The weekend started off with a very nice long brunch on Friday with a bunch of friends. We penned down this date a while ago, and it was lovely that all of us managed to turn up despite our busy schedules!
The girls agreed to my suggestion to meet at Privé Bakery Café. A couple of weeks ago, a neighbour told us that they've put in a little play area for kids, and I went with some other friends to check the place out. Although we were less than impressed with the food (and long wait times), I've since gone back again because of the play area (how's that for a good business decision on their part!)

Bubbles remembers this place and was excited when I told her where we were going. It was a pity one of my friend's little son did not manage to come. She was looking forward to seeing him!

I noticed that the tables for doodling was moved out to the play area as well. It used to be in the air-conditioned area. That was great as she alternated between being engrossed in drawing/colouring and going down the slides. 
Explaining something important to Aunty Imp. I'm not sure what!
Her favourite spot in the playarea is in this cheery yellow and red house. After she got bumped off the drawing table by another girl, she came here to continue her colouring. Poor Bubbles just kept saying No No when the older girl pushed her off the stool and snatched her coloured pencils and paper! She then looked forlorn and I quickly came by to get a new set of colouring supplies for her. Thankfully she was quick enough not to have fallen down from the shove. (I'm not sure how I would have reacted if she did!)
Still, she had a lovely time, and said so when we left for home. This photo below is one that I hope to frame up someday. I think she looks so pretty here! :)


mummybean said...

Oh, I didn't know they put in a play area! We like going there because N likes looking at the boats in the marina. Time to make a trip back.

imp said...

Bubbles was telling me the importance of pink over purple. :D oh myz, I've got bulging veins from parkour!

pc said...

the last picture of Bubbles indeed lovely:).

M. said...

Your daughter is soo pretty! (pardon me, this is the first time I can see her pretty face clearly) :D

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes they do! I'm so glad my neighbour told me about it. It is a good sized one for younger kids. I would say those 4 and below. I'm sure N will enjoy it!

Ah! She recently seems to like pink a lot although she really doesn't own many pink things! I wonder why! I actually think the veins look nice! hee

Hee, thanks. I'm so glad I captured it!

Aww you are so sweet! I really like that photo as well. So pleased that I managed to capture a good shot as it is rather difficult with kids! (plus she doesn't know how to smile properly when asked to yet!)

Ruth said...

Another place I can bring my little boy to :) Thanks for sharing! I like the last pic too, Bubbles looks really sweet and pretty in that picture!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh yes - it is a great place as you can have your meal/coffee while he has his fun!

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