Kidswift Educational DVD Rentals

Roboman and I have never been TV people. In fact, when we first moved into our current place, we didn't own a TV for the longest time, and we didn't miss it. Till today, TV doesn't feature as a regular part of our lives, and the only thing Roboman really watches are the sports channels, and that, often with the TV on silent mode! (Like how the US Open is on right now as I type this. Silent movie.)

It thus wasn't too big a deal for us to not expose Bubbles to TV the first 1.5 years of her life.

However, we soon stumbled across The Wiggles and Barney through our friends' kids, and decided that a lil' TV wasn't going to hurt (and could possibly save us much needed time-out for ourselves on occasions). We bought her 1 DVD each and she would sometimes ask Roboman to let her watch the shows on weekends. (I honestly do not know how to work our DVD player hence this excellent arrangement!)

Barney is now her favourite and we decided that we too like the music and the values that the Barney shows teach. We have been thinking about acquiring more DVDs of an educational nature when KidSwift contacted me, offering a trial on their Educational DVDs rental.

I quite like the way they work:
Unlike traditional video/DVD rentals, the primary difference is that there are no late fees or due dates. You just pay a fixed rate a month of your chosen plan. Your child can keep the DVD for as long as there is interest. If you ascertain that the DVD you chose is one that will remain a favourite, you can select the "Keep" feature to buy the DVD. There's no need to return the said DVD and make a trip out to buy one for the home! (I wish I could do this with Library books!)

Every DVD sent to you will come with a pre-paid return envelope. Once your child tires of a DVD, or if you didn't like the choice yourself, you can simply mail the DVD back and your next DVD choice will be mailed to you in exchange! Easy :)

I love fuss-free services and thus readily agreed to share about this with you all!


mummybean said...

This is a neat idea, especially for lazy people like me!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I hear you - I'm one of those people too! ;) Honestly though, I find that I'm increasingly willing to spend on things that save me time!