A Dollop Of My Home: Kitchens, Big and Small

Thank you for sending in your photos for the A Dollop Of My Home series!
I've received lovely contributions that will be showcased every Friday.
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Is it Friday already?! For me at least, the week has just flown by! Doing this weekly series makes me very aware about time ticking away and I want even more than ever to make each day worthwhile. 

This week's entry is adorable. A glimpse of 2 kitchens - of a mother's and her daughter's. 

Adora and her husband are big fans of mini 'home improvement projects'. The one you see here however, is entirely Adora's own. She came up with the Sexy Women Have Messy Kitchen phrase, which gives her an excellent excuse to have a messy kitchen. I love the ingenuity of it! The words are made with paper cut-outs and stuck on with bluetack. A simple idea with such impact! 

Adora loves old things. I had to ask her to tell me more about the birdcage, flask and lantern sitting on top of her cabinets:

The birdcage used to hold lovely candles but they had to go up to a safer spot after her daughter was born. It was bought for $10 at a neighbourhood bird shop and looked as good as new after a thorough cleaning. She cleverly wasn't going to pay $100 for a brand new one!

The flask is a real vintage one that has unfortunately stopped keeping heat well. It now purely a decorative piece evoking old world charm.

Finally, the lantern is a reminder of her childhood. For some reason, Adora says she always seemed to carry either a rabbit or a rooster lantern as a child. She just had to grab one when she saw them on sale again in recent years! Incidentally, I've seen several around these days with the Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner. Go grab one if you like this look!

Next, Adora shares with us her daughter's (Poppy's) own kitchen set. I particularly like how she has incorporated her daughter's play space into the adults' area. It is practical and works well decor-wise when done well! I can imagine lil Poppy whipping up her own delectable delights here and creating a happy mess :)

Poppy's kitchen sits alongside another photo wall that I love, and a buffet table of more photos. Photos of the couple (pre-baby) hang on the wall, while the table holds pictures of their parents' wedding days (how sweet!) and that of Poppy. This sight, I'm told is the first thing people see when their enter their house. To me, it is a very welcoming one!

Thanks Adora, for sharing these photos with us!

By the way, Adora runs Buggy Bee Kids, promoting creativity through crafting activities. Do check it out! 

Are your kids' play spaces incorporated into the adults' too?
Or perhaps kept separated in a way that has worked well for your family?
If you enjoyed viewing others' homes, do share yours as well!



pink cloth microphone said...

It's so lovely! Love the phrase. =)

Mum in the Making said...

I love the phrase up there! Perhaps if I had something similar my mum would stop nagging me to clean this or that! Heh.

Ruth said...

I know Adora is a really creative mom, but didn't know she has such talents with interior decor too! I should have guessed!! Well done, Adora!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

pinkclothmicrophone & MamaJ:
Haha, I like the phrase too! I was saying that mine would say 'messy kitchen/bedrooms/toilets etc etc' wahaha!

Her creative streak can probably be seen across different areas of her life! :)

Unknown said...

Hehe thanks ladies, you are too kind. I love the phrase too. It makes me smile each time :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Your kitchen phrase has now made many more smile! :)