A Dollop Of My Home: The Industrial Loft

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I almost named this week's post as The Upside Down House. If you look carefully, you'll see that wooden planks have been mounted on the ceiling, and the floors are cement screed. This is the home of Mel, a newlywed, and her husband. I love the industrial, loft-like feel they have created.

A particularly long wall in the apartment is painted with blackboard paint, which means you can draw on it with chalk and erase drawings with water. Mel confesses that they don't draw on it as often as they thought they would, but have friends (especially those with an artistic slant) who usually rise up to the challenge. The chalk drawings that you see in the photo are by their friends, who were happy to leave some mementoes of their visits.On the left are sea creatures (+ mermaids) because the couple went diving on their honeymoon. The other drawing, which is partly hidden by the hanging light, is a world map. Some of their friends from overseas flew in for their wedding, and the drawing was to remind the couple to return the visit! Sweet :)

I like those green chairs too!
As the floor for most part of the apartment is cement screed, they couple chose a lime green sofa to add a pop of colour. Mel usually ends up in the sofa to read, do work and surf the Net because it is most comfortable! The green frog soft toys on the sofa is an important feature. This home is generally cluttered with animal soft toys and figurines as the couple really like animals. In fact, they also have two cats!

The other features I really like about this room are the brick wall, natural wood bench, and that gorgeous light. So much thought went into the putting together of this place!
To me, this home feels refreshing and personal. Mel was concerned that it might not 'suit the sensibility of this blog' (in her words) but I think it does perfectly, especially since the purpose of this series is for homeowners to share home spaces that are special to them. I can really see how special this home must be, can't you?

Thank you so very much Mel for sharing your home with us! :)

Have you been thinking about sharing your home but have somehow been afraid to do so?
Don't be! We do want to see what is special to YOU :)
 If you enjoyed viewing others' homes, do share yours as well!



Lady J said...

Wow.. this is such a lovely home! I've always loved the idea of having a chalkboard as a feature wall but never quite gotten round to doing so..

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Lady J:
Me too! I've loved the chalkboard look every since I saw it done years ago. I don't have a spare wall now to do this, otherwise I would be keen to try!

Unknown said...

What a great idea - especially the chalkboard wall! I can imagine how this would be a HUGE hit with kids.

lovexiaolongbao said...

i like this one too!

June said...

This actually reminds me of a friend's home - also done in cement and with an industrial feel - just minus the chalkboard wall. I should get them to look at this! / post up something!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes and I suspect with many adults too ;)


Oh yes! Would love to see photos of their home and share them!

pc said...

love the 'extraordinary' colours and setting from what i know of a home:).

cote-p said...

i asked gr to come identify the owners of this house.. coz i thought i recognised the calender! i'm actually still waiting for my invite to visit this lovely home! :P

let's go gate-crash someday!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yeah I like how its uniqueness!

Oh! My sis told me about this home. I HAD to ask for photos! =P

bookjunkie said...

What a beautiful home...love the apple green couch and the blackboard wall

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

This is one of those homes that make me feel like re-doing mine! ;)

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