Breakfast on a Bench

Happy start of the week!

I spent a lot of today looking at these 2 photos on my phone. They were taken in the morning. The Bub had chosen to buy a Strawberry Cream Bun from the vending machine. She then sat so daintily on a bench munching her breakfast.

Looking at her fills my heart with so much love and joy. I get all fuzzy and warm inside, with a deep protective fierceness that I've never experienced before. It has only been 2 short years, but I can't remember never knowing her.

She gets peppered with kisses from me every single day. Can you blame me?


imp said...

She's growing up so beatifully. I hope she never has to deal with those meanie older kids. Hmmmmph. I quite adore Bubbles. :)

Unknown said...

Bubbles is an absolute doll! :) Time really flies when you become a parent... LOL!

k said...

Awww. She looks so sweet and pretty in that outfit and hairdo. Loves.

Unknown said...

Aiyoh when I saw the pics, I also thought "so dainty!". So sweet :) And so well-behaved! Made Poppy look like a little monkey next to her!

fernoftheforest said...

She's always so fashionably put together =)

Candice said...

nope, she is really a very sweet little girl!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh me too! I'll have to start reading up about how to teach her to stand up for herself!

Aww thanks :) Yes it does fly. Sometimes it feels to fast!

Thanks so much! Top is a simple tee from Fox Kids and the skirt from an outlet store.

Aww you are too kind! Poppy is such a fun kid to be with. I'll gladly make more dough cats for her! :)

Oh, thank you. I shall take all the credit. Haha. Ok no I can't because we've been blessed with many pretty outfit gifts! This one though is a top from Fox Kids and a skirt (I think $6) from an outlet store!

Aww thanks :)

celcilia_tjioe said...

Ditto the previous comments, Bubbles looks gorgeous with her polkadot skirt and I love her hairdo super much!

Lady J said...

That is such a sweet pic of Bubbles! She must be getting your stylish genes ;)

pink cloth microphone said...

Of course not. =) How to resist...

goolypop said...

i shall copy the way she sits...with legs crossed at ankle...hehehhee :)

Love her assemble of clothes..

Miss Leney said...

Bubbles is such a gorgeous little girl.. I love the outfit you've put on her... so dainty!

Shiqin said...

Your daughter's so pretty and I love her skirt! Can't believe you managed to get it for only $6!

bookjunkie said...

Bubbles looks lovely in her outfit. Mum has good taste :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks :) I find it really hard to resist polka dots!

Haha, she hasn't begun choosing her own outfits yet, so we'll see ;)

Awww :) You would understand with 2 cuties of your own!

I love that sitting position! Very sweet!

Thanks dear, it is a very inexpensive outfit that worked so well!

Yes! I bought it when she was till a teeny bub. Had to get it when I saw the price!

hee thanks! It is infinitely easier to dress her prettily than to dress myself!

jooo said...

Love the way Bubbles crosses her feet when she sits. She looks like a little lady who is very engrossed in her bun ;)

Jacinta said...

I agree with you ;) She is such a doll!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

She was so very engrossed! Refused to look at me to be photographed even!

Hee thanks! :)