Birthday Outing to Amazonia

After the happy family celebrations at home, we all trooped to Amazonia. All NINE of us adults accompanying one little Bubbles!

Unfortunately, in our hurry to leave the house, we left our camera behind! We regretfully only have some low-res photographs from our phones. It was a real pity because it is a beautiful place, and would have been perfect for family photos. You can see pics of this lovely new indoor play area from this mother's blog.

We literally had a ball of a time burying ourselves in one of the two ball pits :) Aren't ball pits just so fun?!

The other features that we liked were the restaurant/cafe that had natural light streaming in, and sofas to lounge on. There is also a cool floor 'piano' where kids can step on to make music, and huge slides.

We paid $20 for 2 hours of fun for the Bubs. Adults get to go in free, and were only asked to wear socks.

Lunch was taken there - portions where rather small and they ran out of 1-2 selections (maybe they weren't expecting such a large group of us descending on a weekday and choosing similar dishes!), but I was impressed with the variety they had for a kids' place like this. It was nice to have choice of food beyond the usual nuggets and mini pizzas.

With half a day of fun behind her, the Bubs happily slept in the car on the way home :)


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Bubbles! I'm sure she had great fun on her special day... In fact, I just bought my boy to Amazonia last weekend. It's a great place indeed. Only quite expensive. We went on Sat, it was $30 for 2 hours.

Unknown said...

So fun!!! I am looking forward to bringing my boy there soon too!

Ming said...

happy birthday!

i thought i saw bubbles there but i didn't come up to say hi cos my girl ran off to play at the rides outside golden village after we checked out for lunch. good to see the girl had fun. hope to see you sometime cos i think our girls will have loads of fun together. :)

lilsnooze said...

Blessed Birthday to Bubbles! What a happy day it must have been for her!

Susan said...

Thanks for linking up to my blog :)

Great that Bubbles and your family enjoyed yourselves there. I heard there is a new indoor playground at MBS. I have not been there myself but will check it out after the F1 season.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I agree that it is pricey! I think you paid more because your boy is above 3? We planned to go to the Zoo, but with the haze and all we decided to stay indoors. For us, with 9 adults trooping in as well, it was worth it!

I'm sure he will enjoy it! :)

Oh! You were in Amazonia too? I must have seen you as there weren't many kids around that day :) Is your daughter around 2 too?

It was a very happy day! In fact after that day, I wondered if I needed the party at all! =P

It was your photos that convinced me to check the place out! Ooh, MBS! Sounds like it will be expensive though. Thanks for the heads up. Will keep a look out!

Ming said...

yes, but i just left for lunch when i saw bubbles in her stroller and all the adults coming up the escalator.

and my girl turns two today! how fast they grow... *sigh*

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

My SIL thinks she saw you! :)