The Balloons & Bubbles Party: Eats

One thing I felt I could have done better for the Bub's 2nd birthday party was the food and drinks. I really didn't have much time to plan for it at all, with me handling home and facing a very busy time at work. Ideally, I would have liked to bake the cake myself, and serve more interesting homecooked food!

Rather than stressing myself out further as the clocked ticked away, I focused my attention on the party activities and the birthday cake. 2 cakes were finally purchased from our favourite Vicky's. I asked for them plain, and created the 2-tier effect and decorations at home. Doing this saved me a lot of money!

As for the food, I decided on a very simple menu that I felt worked for a tea-party.

First up, I covered a low bench with a sunny yellow tablecloth to go with the red and yellow party colours. This was the kids' food table, as well as a place to hold drinks, cutlery, plates and paper napkins. The kids had a huge bowl of blueberries to dig into, and an assortment of biscuits suitable for a range of age groups, along with the packets of Milo that they were given when they arrived.

Here's the Bub with her best friend :) They are always soooo cute together! (And I just realised Let's Rock Elmo matches the party's colour scheme!)

For the adults, Roboman cooked up a huge pot of pasta and a tomato-based sauce. We chose to do this because it is also kid-friendly, and some kids had early dinners. The women in the family (my mother, mother-in-law, and our sisters) helped make sandwiches with a tuna mixture that I earlier prepared. My mother also arrived with 2 trays of cut fruit - watermelon and dragonfruit.

I ordered the other stuff from Old Chang Kee, as they have a delivery service. We had curry puffs, spring rolls, fishballs and cuttlefish balls. They were thankfully well-received!

For drinks, we served water, fruit juices, Coke, and Guiness Stout (mainly for my father-in-law). When the party started, I suddently remembered we had half bottle of whisky that we unfortunately have not had the time to drink, and asked Roboman to bring it out.

Finally, a little something for those with a sweet tooth: An assortment of mooncakes and (Daily Scoop's) ice-cream! The latter was served right at the end of the party - and I'm glad I made that decision. It was only the mention of ice-cream that the kids agreed to come back up from the bubble fun they were having!

And so, I've come to the final post on Bubbles' 2nd birthday celebrations. We really truly had a blast and feel so thankful for all the love that was showered on her, and on us! It has been a wonderful 2 years with my beloved baby.


Susan said...

I find that you can never go wrong with pasta and I always have this for all kiddy events. What's more, it's usually easy and fast to prepare.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Another plus is that the sauce can be prepped way in advanced and freezed!

imp said...

Those tuna sandwiches are old-school awesome. So much filling and very tasty.

PR said...

Love Bubbles's pose and her polka dot dress!


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha, old school they are. I actually followed a simple recipe I remembered from my PRIMARY school Girls' Brigade days! I don't know why this one stuck with me!

It is such a candid pose! Hee. Dress is from Missy Messy!

Miss Leney said...

you can never go wrong with tuna sandwiches.. I always make them at any party I organise.. So easy and so yummy.. Loving Bubbles dress! xx

yAnn said...

I love the first picture of the little lady. :) And Bubbles in that Missy Messy dress is too cute!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Seeing the success of these sandwiches, I might just do the same!

Missy Messy dresses fit her so well! I really like them. Plus they double up as tunics when she gets taller!

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