Where does that come from?


Heya people, I've been in quite a state of busyness both on the work and personal front! I haven't had the time to respond to many of the emails in my inbox, and I'm so sorry about that. If you haven't heard from me, give me till this coming weekend ok?

Thank you too for your encouraging comments on my Too Big Shoes post. Am very touched and will respond soon!

Over the weekend on the way to church, Bubbles asked me 2 questions that I want to record here:

As her eyes caught the glare of the sun:
Mummy! Where does the sun come from?
Oh, God made the sun. It is a planet in the universe that is very hot!

A few moments later, pointing out the window:
Mummy! Where do buildings come from?
Huh? Err, buildings are man-made. They are built of bricks stacked up on top of each other.

Oh! Just like Bubbles' Lego!
Yes, baby!

(Wondering if the question Where do babies come from? is going to be asked soon! Uh oh!)


Pebbles said...

Uh oh! That's a tough one. Keke! The stork story? The dustbin story? This one quite sorrow.. ha ha!

L said...

the sun is a star, not a planet lah. typo?

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Waha! Dustbin story?! I will just tell her as it is I think =P Already she saw some boys peeing at playschool and was very curious!

Oops! That was a total mistake on my part! Not a typo at all! Thankfully she only seemed to remember the 'God made the sun' part when quizzed later on =P Thanks for pointing this out!!