To the Singapore Zoo!

The highlight of our weekend was a trip to the Singapore Zoo! It was Bubbles' first ever visit and she had an absolutely wonderful time. Her enjoyment of the place far exceeded my expectations! We were so pleased :)

Check out my happy kid!
When we stepped into the Zoo, one of the first things she said was:
Mummy, what is that smell?! while looking perplexed.
When she was told it could be animal poo, she was most tickled!

Bubbles took her first ever pony ride!
I'm gutted that my photos didn't turn out well at all. 
I was too excited about my baby riding on a pony that I didn't get my camera settings right! Boo :(

Still, we remember that she saw the pony, exclaimed: I want to ride that! 
and proceeded to run all the way to the stall.
She's not yet 2, which is the age you are supposed to be allowed to ride, but we didn't tell ;)
She was so thrilled and even tried to wave to us from afar

And of course, she reminded us again and again that she wanted to 'swim' when she saw the huge waterplay area at Rainforest Kidzworld.
We knew that would happen and came prepared with her gear.
She had so much fun we had quite a bit of trouble getting her to leave!
She also remembers seeing zebras, monkeys (including orang utans), giraffes (she kept asking to go into the enclosures so that she could hug them), and elephants (one of which she spotted doing a huge poo and was so excited by!).

Another memorable part of the outing for her was the Animal Friends Show. She was thrilled by the performing cats and dogs, and later announced that her favourite Zoo animal were dogs! Haha!

We saw a marriage proposal being done towards the end of the show. The man came dressed as a knight and actually danced in front of the entire audience while his girlfriend was on stage! The audience thought it was hilarious and everyone was clapping and being generally supportive. My poor Bubs though, totally freaked out, shivered, cried, clung on to me and asked to go home! I think he must have looked too queer to her, and we were too close for comfort as we were seated right in front. So we left, just when the girlfriend said 'Yes' :)

Till today, Bubbles tells us that she did not like the "man that dressed up"!
Thankfully she accumulated many other wonderful memories of the Zoo and I'm sure we will be back again and soon!


Emily said...

Hi Corsage,
Nice blog header, I like it! Well done. Bubs looks so pretty in her shades. You should bring her to the zoo more often now. Haha!

My boy is a big fan of the water play too. Going to the zoo has become a monthly affair to me now.

imp said...

bubbles is an absolutely scream in her hat and sunnies! love the red sunnies tons.

Rachel said...

Your post reminds me that I should bring Kyle to the zoo one of these days. Haven't been going since he turned 3, and since our family membership expired. Cheap mom...not willing to pay full price :P

Bubbles looks so adorable in her red shades and bucket hat.

Mum in the Making said...

Hahaha, trust her to be so amused by poopy stuff! And its quite brave of her to sit on the pony on her own... I think J would have freaked out if we tried!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Blog header - thanks! I'm getting mixed reactions from people about it. At least it caught people's attention :) We bought the shades at the Zoo! Only one that fit her small nose. Wow, monthly! I would too if I can get hold of a corporate pass!

She attracted a lot of attention wearing that! Esp when she stood waving big dried leaves to the passing trams. LOL!

Not cheap at all! I would go more often if we can get special rates! Right now we don't think it is worth it for us to get family membership yet. Hope Kyle gets to go again soon :)

Yah! They get so amused by these sort of things! About the pony - you may be surprised - J might take very well to it! I asked Bubs again and again: Are you sure? because I didn't want to pay $6 and have her refuse to ride! Thankfully she went right up and trotted away happily :)

ame said...

i love the zoo! we shd arr to go, with G and her kiddos too :)

Anonymous said...

Ah yo...she sure looks really happy in the pictures. I can imagine how happy that day was for your family, Corsage. I have not brought Allysa to the zoo either. But did purchase some discounted Zoo tix online some time back. Well, can’t wait to pay a visit with Aloysius and Allysa soon. I’m sure it’s the BESTEST way to spend a day with the family.

And I love your new “uplift”..hehee....Very hip!

fibrate said...

You don't say. This thirty-something is a big fan of the zoo too! :D

yAnn said...

She's such a big girl now! I still remember when she had that super cool rockstar hair as a baby. :)

(Nice blog header, I like!)

Miss Leney said...

Bubbles is such a doll! Oh by the way, love your new blog template, it rawks :)

Merryn said...

i love zoos... and i heard that singapore zoo is awesome!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes me too! But it is quite expensive to go often unless you have some special pass!

Oh I'm sure you will all enjoy yourself! Do bring along swimwear for the waterplay and take her to watch the kids' show. Bubbles loved those best!

I'm not surprised! Hee

Aww you remember! Yes she had such rockstar hair! Amazing how gravity has taken over ;) They do grow so very very fast! Glad you like the header :)

Hee, she did garner a lot of attention walking around like that. I have a string of photos of her waving leaves too, but decided not to post. Will save them for her to enjoy when she is older :) Thanks for comment about blog. Made a few tweaks here and there. Want to do a lot more but I need time!

It is! I not shy to say! hehe. Do come visit and bring your family :)

lovexiaolongbao said...

mountain boy loves the zoo! he liked feeding the giraffes.