Keeping Fresh

Kotex recently contacted me about reviewing their new series of panty liners - Kotex Fresh Plus Liners.

Now, I accepted this review because more than a decade ago, a gynae I consulted with recommended that panty liners should always be used to keep the V-zone dry and reduce the likelihood of getting infections. I took that advice seriously and since then, I've been a regular user and have tried a variety of brands.

For those of you who are pregnant, you might find this helpful as pregnancy creates more discharge and it is physically more difficult to clean the V-zone with a bulging tummy in the way!
I was interested in this series as the 3 types of liners it includes each has an innovative feature not seen elsewhere. Let me introduce them:

1. Kotex® Fresh Plus Ultra V-Care – 1st Ever Bacteria Control
- First liner that is tested to successfully inhibit the growth of yeast and bad bacteria, providing protection during use.
- Designed with KOTEX® Comfort-Flex to provide protection as you move.
- Allows for air circulation around your V-zone.

While this has not been clinically proven to prevent infection during use - I thought the bacteria control was an excellent feature as it is no fun getting any form of infections. Used along with good hygiene practices, this feature is an added plus.

2. Kotex® Fresh Plus Gentle Care – 1st Ever Gentle Care
Dermatologically tested with pH Balance to match body’s natural pH level, and against allergies and irritation.
- Designed with KOTEX® Comfort-Flex to provide protection as you move.
- Allows for air circulation around your V-zone.

I'm really into products that match the body's natural pH level as I'm prone to allergies. That this range has been dermatologically tested against key allergies and irritations which is great for me. Having a liner that has a pH level close to that of the body's optimum pH is useful because it signals a lower irritation potential for this range of liners.

3. Kotex® Fresh Plus Designs – 1st Ever Designs on Liners
Draws inspiration from nature for its attractive colourful designs.
- Contains mild and natural scent to help soothe your senses.
- Designed with KOTEX® Comfort-Flex to provide protection as you move.
- Allows for air circulation around your V-zone.

Finally, something fun and playful for those of us inclined to wearing pretty things :) Here's an example:

For those of you who would like to gauge the liners' thickness, here is a photo I hope will help:
I would say that it would be in the mid-range of thickness compared to other liners in the market. Not ultra-thin but also not bulky thick. They fit well and while I generally prefer thinner liners (forget about those ultra thick ones!), these Fresh Plus liners have the advantage of keeping the V-zone drier as they don't get soaked up so fast.

And if it is the visual appeal that matters, no, these do not show through skinny jeans ;)

Alright, if you want to try these out, they're available at all major supermarkets!


Dora said...

Oh this pantyliner look so stylish. I'm using Kotex too but not the pantyliner, may try after reading your review :-)

Jolene said...

oh thanks for this. Quite handy to know although now i'm shopping for good maternity pad! lol

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hee! Yes quite. Glad to have shared this!

I never used maternity pads you know, just regular night ones till the flow was less heavy!