The Mask

Oh hi!

Someone should tell my mummy to do this, especially when she takes photos of herself for her blog. 
You know, she's strange and doesn't like to show her face. 
Maybe I should give her this nice big leaf I found at the Bo-nic* Gardens!
I walked around this way last Saturday. It was quite a fun thing to do.
I didn't bump into anyone too.
A very hungry caterpillar ate the leaf and left holes so that I could look through them.
I really don't know why my mummy kept laughing, do you?



  1. It's useful when u want to hide away from paparazzi :-)

  2. atta girl. she's learnt the look. heh. auntie imp shall go find a huge leaf this weekend to mimic Bubbles' fashionable style.

  3. Dora:
    Erm yes "very" useful ;)

    She totally cracked me up because she walked by Cafe Verde on the way out like that! There were a few giggling adults around =P

  4. Oh wow.. Bubbles picking up your moves very fast! ;)

  5. She needs to master either doing the Karen Cheng with the other hand, or work out how to use the self timer next!

  6. LadyJ:
    Haha! Can't wait for her to be able to take photos of me ;)

    LOL! Those may take longer because her mummy is lousy at doing both of those herself!!

  7. that's really creative bubbles =)