A Lady Lunch at Soup Broth Asia

A few weeks ago, I penned in an appointment for a lunch this week with Lady J, who is back from Geneva for a month or so. Fresh from my pleasant blind date x 4 experience, I was ready to meet another new online friend.

I was quite thrilled when Lady J suggested lunch at Soup Broth Asia. I love soups and this place uses rich stock as its soup bases and throws in fresh ingredients before serving. The soup ingredients are thus tasty as they have not been drained of flavour in preparation of the stock.

Unfortunately, to get to this place, the poor woman had to power-walk quite a distance to meet me, and destroyed her heels as a result! Amazingly, she didn't mention the discomfort at all during lunch and it was only sometime after the meal, when I found out what she endured! I told her that if we ever meet again, I will insist on giving her a lift. Must!
Now Lady J is someone who has a keen sense of fashion, and it was her Wardrobe Raids series that first drew me to her blog. Surprisingly, we didn't talk much about fashion that day, although we really should have as we were wearing a similar colour palette of blue/teal and orange. I was really sorry that I forgot to bring my camera!

We shared about the going-ons in our lives, and actually covered quite a wide range of topics - a bit of each - almost as if we were scanning through pages of a book hoping to read as much as possible before the lunch hour was up. There were also moments where we both felt comfortable enough to share a little more about our individual struggles, and sought to encourage each other. I thought that quite special.

We parted with her presenting to me 2 sets of stickers for Bubbles. How sweet! :)


Lady J said...

Hey babe, no harm done at all. The power walk was a good exercise before the meal and the heel incident.. hey, how often does one get to stop traffic in a dramatic way? Hehe...

It was really lovely meeting you in person and thanks for sharing snippets of your life with me too.. :)

Hope the Bubs enjoyed the stickers..

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

She does! I'm only letting her play with one set first. Otherwise everything will be used up way too fast! It was lovely to have met up. I'm sure you've enjoyed your other 'dates' as well :)

Anonymous said...

I been to Soup Broth Asia for a couple of times and I like both their soup and side dishes.

Seeing your pics makes me want to back again.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Go go :) I preferred the soup I had to their side dishes though! Then again, I wasn't concentrating much on the food that day! hee