Gifts from a SAHM

I've always considered myself blessed to have wonderful friends. As an icing on the cake, many of my friends have amazing abilities and talent. I enjoy being inspired and challenged by their creativity and zest for living, and am humbled by their generosity.

Last week, I received a message from a dear girlfriend:
Hi dear, I made 2 cars from cardboard for (her son's name) .... Would you like one for Bubbles?

In all honesty, I had a big ? in my mind, until her next message came with pictures of the cardboard car.

The car looks like this:

How awesome is that?!

She made 2 cars from a large cardboard box that housed an OSIM chair that she bought. Check out the design - the cut-out windows, wipers, headlights and wheels! My favourite is the pair of wing mirrors - they even have glass glints drawn on them! Her little 4-year-old son helped her paint the car as a playtime activity. 

I really don't know how this amazing friend of mine managed this as a SAHM with no help!

To top it off, this lot of cupcake 'ice-creams' sat on her kitchen counter-top the day I went to collect the car:
She made it for her son's class as they were learning about the Letter 'C'. My dear Bubbles was given one as a treat too. She enjoyed it tremendously.

Thank you R for the years of friendship we share. You're one amazing person!


Susan said...

the car looks AMAZING! I want to make one for Sophie too. But it's been years since I renovated my place and purchases any large items so it's difficult finding big boxes like these. Agree with you, you;re so blessed and so is Bubbles :)

lilsnooze said...

Wow, this looks amazing!

I tried to make an airplane from a box (online shopping!) once and it was...bad.
AFter less than 5 min, Nat lost interest in it. :P

poiema said...

that is a seriously awesome car. *kowtows*

Jacinta said...

Wow, that is one creative Mummy! :D

The ET Family said...

Wow! The car is awesome.
You are so blessed. Enjoy it!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You can try joining up boxes! My dad used to make us all sorts of things with cardboard boxes. I remember a house complete with windows, a door and a tunnel leading up to it! We used to bring in our toys and put up curtains :)

hee! Maybe he prefers to do it himself being a boy!! :)

LOL! Yes, 'kowtow' is so right for this!

She is very! A loving and super efficient one too!

The ET Family:
We are very blessed :) Bubbles really likes it!

Unknown said...

Amazing! I've been collecting boxes too. Intending to make a playhouse for Ian... but now looking at the car, I have to make one too!

fibrate said...

Great idea! Maybe I needn't get Muffin a Cozy Coupe after all ;)

Ruth said...

Wow, the car looks fantastic! Does Bubble like it? :) Would love to see photos of her playing in it :) It's really such a blessing to have a friend who's so creative and have such a generous spirit!

Miss Leney said...

thats seriously an awesome cardboard car! If only I am as creative as your friend!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I love it that it is more portable than a house would be! I'm sure Ian will love one :)

Hee, ok the only thing is that Bubbles keeps trying to drive this thing. She drags it all over the house! A cozy coupe actually has wheels right?

Yes she really loves it! Takes her toys for rides too :) Thankful for my dear friend.

From what I've seen you've done to your nursery I'm pretty sure you have what it takes! :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh. What an amazing looking car. Kudos to your friend!

Unknown said...

what an awesome car!!! your friend is amazing (as are you). and i wouldn't mind an osim chair either :P

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Indeed! I was really bowled over. You should have seen another red car she made! Raarrrr!

Hee, I would love an Osim chair if it didn't take up SOOOO much space! How nice to come home to a massage (I'm sure it would be really addictive!)