A Dollop Of My Home: Starry Starry Night

Thank you for sending in your photos for the A Dollop Of My Home series!
I've received lovely contributions that will be showcased every Friday.
Email me if you want to send in photos of your home :)

This week's entry touches a special place in my heart because it shows artwork by a child :)

PC, a mother of 2, sent in this photo showing a corner of her home. Interestingly, this is a TV console that does not house a TV, but is filled with kids' toys and family portraits. Isn't that idea so heartwarming in itself? Occasionally, PC places fresh flowers - either roses or daisies, to fill the air with beautiful floral scents.
The highlight of this space is a canvas painting hung on the wall. It was her daughter's attempt at Van Gogh's Starry Night - her very own interpretation. Although she may continue working on this piece, I already love the vibrant hues she chose and how this piece anchors the space.
You may want to pop over here to see photos of PC's kids' room :)

Thank you PC for sharing this special place with us!

This next part of this week's post is an extra piece that I feel compelled to share. If you are looking for decor ideas though, I'm sorry to have to disappoint. However, perhaps you are on the same journey with me - trying to be conscious of beauty around. You may then enjoy this little story :)

2 days ago, I woke up late and was a bunch of frazzled nerves. I was bustling around the house getting ready for work - washing up, changing, packing Bubbles' things to take to my parents' place etc. As it often happens, I was flinging things around, stomping here and there, and pretty much working myself up even more as I glanced at the clock 587329 times.

Then something magical happened - I walked past my laundry area. It sounds funny I know, but I was taken by this:
The order of which the clothes were hung, with a graduation of soft pink and blue hues, made this pleasing to my eye. I almost immediately felt my frazzled nerves calm down a few notches. I started to notice the newness of the morning air, and the light breeze blowing through the house. 

I'm still amazed that this happened. All because of laundry!

Are you a visual person too? 
If you have had a similar experience I would love to hear your story!

Do you showcase your kids' artwork at home?



Pebbles said...

Looking at the lovely display of colors made it a wee-bit better!

Lady J said...

Thanks for sharing your story.. another lovely idea.. one borne out of appreciating beauty from 'chaos'.

Ai Sakura said...

Nice one. And that is a cute denim romper btw :p

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

It did! Quite a bit actually!

Lady J:
You're welcome! I hope to be able to always see beauty in chaos and derive strength from that.

Ai Sakura:
Wow you're sharp! Hee. Yes I do like that a lot - very easy to wear and can be accessorized to get different looks :)

Rachel said...

Lovely pastel shades...it takes a discerning eye to spot beauty from dis-organisation. So apt that interests range from home decor to photography.

pc said...

indeed nice combination of colour there:). nice story of inspiration! come to think about it, the softener scent from the hanging laundry is the one usually calm my hustling morning;p.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I'm a very visual person - I react to how things look around me, and learn best when there are good visual representations. Being married to someone who is not wired this way at all has interestingly added depth to the visual work that I do!

Ah! You respond to smells! I used to but after my pregnancy I can't seem to detect smells very well anymore. Very strange actually, and I miss being able to!