Breakfast Picnics

The Bubs and I now go for breakfast picnics regularly. 
Sometimes, lil furry friends are brought along.

We make teddy bear cheese sandwiches together each time,
packing them along with whatever else we fancy.
I love it that crumbs can be dusted off to feed the birds and ants.
 She loves to go about barefoot these days.
Once, she carefully arranged her shoes between my slippers like this :)
 Love these hair grips on her hair :)
Do you enjoy picnics too?


Kelly said...

if your idea of a picnic is where your toddler brings his bowl of sultanas into a barren dirt place of a backyard. Then throws dirt into the air like confetti, then yes. We do picnics too =)

Lady J said...

Haven't actually done a full-fledged picnic in a long while. Weather in Singapore seems a little too humid for now. ;p
Love the sandwiches that you made for Bubs! The beary shapes are too cute!

Ai Sakura said...

ahh her hair is so neat! like yours haha.. my girl's hair is wild and thick. clips like those definitely won't hold them together :P

love the pretty version of croc shoes!

Merryn said...

I love picnics too but the weather lately is crazy!

Jacinta said...

Love those little teddies!! :D

yAnn said...

Love picnics. :)
And those sandwiches are too cute!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

That's probably the best kind!! :) Does K like sultanas? My bub doesn't like dried fruits of any kind for some strange reason!

Lady J:
Oh yes the weather here is really quite prohibitive. Ours are in the cool of the morning and never more than an hour long!

Ai Sakura:
I love how you do your lil girl's hair though! Always very fashionably done! :) Oh yes we love those crocs too!

Either too hot or rain, right?! That's why ours are always short and easy! No choice!

Hee, for a moment I wondered if you meant the furry friends or the sandwiches!

I made them for our first picnic and she's been asking to help make them subsequently! I have to eat the ugly 'leftovers' from the cut-outs though. haha!

imp said...

teddy bears and picnics! mornings are best!

Kelly said...

K just loves food fullstop. He will eat anything or at least try a bite of anything and everything anyone offers him! He doesn't know what lollies are yet.I give him carrot sticks, cheese, biscuits and fruits (fresh n dried) as snacks. His favorites are sultanas n mandarins at moment!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I've more 'mornings' now since the Bub came into my life! Used to just sleep in whenever I could. Hee

Oh, it is such a blessing for him to want to eat anything! Good for you!! My bub does NOT like raisins and similar dried fruits. hee. Quite funny because I've always thought all kids love raisins!

lilac butterfly said...

sandwiches really cute :)