A baking good time at Café Mosiac

We stumbled upon a marvelous complimentary programme for kids by Café Mosiac over the weekend. It all started with the gf craving for scones. She craved for it so much that she spent part of the morning calling up eateries that could likely serve scones at lunchtime (and take reservations). Thankfully Café Mosiac at Carlton Hotel did, and we all trooped down for their Lunch cum High Tea buffet.

Imagine how thrilled we were when we discovered they have sort of a party room for diners' kids, where fun activities are carried out. In the middle of gorging ourselves, my gf and I took our kids to a Muffin baking class while the dads continued wiping out their plates.

(Sorry about the low quality pics, I dug out an old Canon Ixus and quite forgot how to use the functions properly. I shall keep them smaller than usual here!)

A chef giving a description of ingredients to a bunch of enthusiastic kids (and some camera-toting mothers).
She interacted really well with the young ones! A natural.

The batter given to each kid was neatly portioned out into squiggy things (sorry I can't remember what they are called!). I helped guide the Bub to half-fill the muffin cases. 
(no photos as my hands were occupied)

Here is the Bub concentrating very hard putting an assortment of white chocolate chips and M&Ms into the muffin cases. Gloves were provided but they were obviously too big for her! She consciously avoided the raisins as she does not like them =P

Very pleased with her handiwork ;)

Sorry 2nd muffin on the left! Only 2 M&Ms have been accorded to you!

Baking time!

Each child got his/her own pretty box of muffins to take home - the exact ones that they 'made'!
The kids were thrilled :)

It wasn't all baking too!
We missed an earlier activity on balloon sculpting, 
but the staff generously gave the Bub this kitty cat to take home. We've named her Snowy :)

If you are looking for a family friendly place to dine on weekends, you might want to try this. My friend and I were really quite impressed with the attention given to the kids' activities. The buffet spread is pretty enjoyable too :)

Café Mosiac
Lunch Buffet only:
$42 per adult, FREE for children 5 to 10 years, $21 per child 11 to 12 years.
Sat and Sun: 12 noon - 5pm
Kids' Activities: 12.30 - 2.30pm

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Unknown said...

Wow! Looks so fun! Thanks for the recommendation, I'd be sure to bring my kiddo over one day too!

poiema said...

K has the same dress from her aunt who bought it from H&M HK! hee.

Jacinta said...

That is so nice! Loved the pictures. ;)

Electra said...

Hi there, I know these are not all strictly questions related to maternal nutrition, but these are some questions that I have yet to find a satisfactory answer to. Many thanks for compiling the questions and getting the answers!

1. What is the impact of maternal nutrition on the quality of breastmilk? Is it possible that a baby will not be adequately nourished if maternal nutrition is poor?
2. Assuming a mother has an adequate diet, does breastmilk provide an adequate supply of iron to a baby who is 6 months or older and who has yet to eat meat?
3. Is there any danger of toxins that are stored in a mother's fat getting into breastmilk as she loses weight post partum?
4. How long do medicines or other toxins stay in milk? Eg mother has to take antibiotics or other medication, or cannot avoid inhaling some volatile organic compounds like petrol (while at the petrol station) or paint, or pesticides (through fogging to prevent mosquito breeding).
5. Is breastmilk an adequate source of nutrients for a preschooler as compared with the same volume of cow's milk?

Many thanks!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You're welcome! :) I hope he will enjoy it too. It was such a pleasant surprise for us.

Haha, those 2 girls have a lot of similar clothes it seems! Yes, it is a H&M dress bought from my sis from Europe I think.

Thanks dear! It was really fun!

Oh wow, that's a list that can stand on its own! Thanks for your suggestions, and do look out for the answers!

Anonymous said...

What a gem! Thanks for sharing, Corsage. I’m sure Carlton’s gonna be a great hit after this post. hehee...

Ing said...

What a great place! Looks like a lot of fun for the kids. Thanks for sharing!

~tif;fany* said...

good job on Carlton Hotel for having such fun stuffs for the kiddos, and good job on Corsage for sharing!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hee, they already seemed to be a hit! :)

Yeah I saw a lot of boys around your kids' ages too. They asked SO many questions during the baking time and could remember the ingredients etc! hee

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

This place definitely will be our to-go place for buffets from now on methinks!

Anonymous said...

heehee... 2nd cupcake on the left...

she knows how to tilt her head to act cute! though she is already cute lah. =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

She does that when we ask her to smile! She still doesn't smile on demand =P Another thing she sometimes does is to poke her cheeks with her index fingers!