Stress relieving conversations

I've been having a bad week or so. A lot of nasty news. I've been feeling really stressed. Just yesterday, I discovered a WHOLE LOT of NEW grey hair growing out from the top of my head! Ugh! This is what stress does to me.

Thankfully there are sweet, funny moments with Bubbles that help put a smile on my face and laughter in my belly. She's been on a roll with asking questions and making funny observations - I get so tickled by them.

Bubbles' has 2 bolsters she grins, hugging them tight
Yes dear, you do!

Mummy bought bolsters for Bubbles
Yup, I did!


Did you pay for them?!

Roboman steps into my parents' place, took off his shoes and socks,
and sits on the floor to play with Bubbles.

Daddy! sniffs
You have smelly feet!

I climb onto a stool to reach for an item in the cupboard.
Mummy! Be careful!
Don't fall down!

Looks at Roboman's old sandals outside the front door.
Why is Daddy's sandals outside?
He left them there.

Oh! Naughty Daddy!

Mummy! Can I wear your ring?
Errr, I can't take it off (me bad)

Put soap!

After she notices something I didn't.
You are very observant, Bubbles!

Just like Gong Gong tells me!


Now, if only each smile I get from these conversations can help reverse the greying of my hair!


Tina said...

Sweet bubbles. The week is coming to an end and hopefully so will the stuff that's bothering you.

pc said...

she is cute!!!
kids are just truly angels from heaven to chase away those gloomy day from us...

btw, love your idea to showcase home of others. im tempted to send you one or two :).

till then, hope you are feeling better toward end of the week:).

Miss Leney said...

Hope you feel better soon and things will turn for the better! Kids really say the darnest and funniest things! She's so adorable lah!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Don't think the issues will be resolved so quickly, but thanks for the wishes :) Much appreciated!

Ooh, I'll be glad to receive photos from your home! Email me ok? There's an awesome A Dollop of My Home post coming up tomorrow. Look out for it!

Thanks babe! Hee, you have funny kiddo conversations to look forward to! :)

mc said...

Hope the nasty issues get resolved soon. - A bump in the road will be followed by a smooth patch - :) so look forward to that.

just me said...

bubbles is really good with her words! i think she is very advanced for her age =)

M. said...

am glad you saw the little things that keep you positive always. your daughter is such a precious darling! your stories make me want to be a mom / have a child (i.e. I used to be very firm about not wanting children).

poiema said...

Hey hope it's nothing too serious...

reminds me to document what K's been saying too! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks babe! I'm also having to help others. God will give me strength :)

Mummy of Two:
Thank you! Yes we've been told she is. I reckon it is because she has so many adults speaking to her everyday :)

Aww thanks! Bubbles has definitely brought us all a lot of joy. For me, it is the kind of joy that I never imagined before we had her. Having said that, one's life really changes when a baby comes into the picture. It is a huge commitment and a lot of sacrifice. I somehow didn't think that much about that before we decided for a child! (maybe that's good in some ways. hee!)

Some quite serious stuff unfortunately! But trusting God. Yes do record what she says! I wish I did so more consistently too. Always laughing at what she says and then forgetting about it after!

Jane said...

She's really very observant =) Such intelligent replies!