Lunches alone

One of the things about working part-time is this:

Unless I make an effort to plan who to have lunches with, there will be many times when I end up having no company.

I'm no longer in the know of events and meetings that don't concern me, and it is not uncommon to find myself in the office with no one to ask out for a by-the-way lunch.

Most of the time, I use the opportunity to run an errand or two. Once in a while, I walk/drive aimlessly around the area and end up either in an all-too-familiar eatery, or stumble upon somewhere new to me.

Thankfully, I do enjoy solitude and am comfortable doing things on my own. Such lunch times are also great for catching up on reading!

What do you do when you're on your own for lunches or dinners?


Susan said...

I try to lunch alone at least once a week now. It's just my way of having space to do my own surfing, reading and even drafting a blog post.

My favorite spot so far is the starbucks near my office where I grab a frappuccino after lunch.

imp said...

corsage: hehehehe. you know i always lunch alone at the office! in fact, it kinda messes up my plans if i'm asked out to lunch! i make grand plans to go places. i get to do that once in a while. but more often than not, i stay in to clear work. boo.

Mom Daughter Style said...

im about to be a stay at home mom and thinking of finding a job only on the weekends, thanks for this post.

I just came across your blog.

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lilsnooze said...

I streamed CLIF during lunch one day. Hehehe.

But mostly, now I relish lunch alone, to run errands or to catch up on work or to read (work related stuff!

Maril said...

I just went back to work, so am planning to eat lunch in so I can squeeze 8 billable hours a day into 6 physical hours in the office and leave on time to see my baby girl!

fibrate said...

I've not always been good at dining solo, but I'm slowly learning to enjoy it. Most of the time when I'm away for conferences/meetings I take the opportunity to dine alone. Love that I don't need anyone's consensus on where or what to eat - it's just me, me and ME! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

The alone time is very precious these days I'm sure! I've been doing before bed surfing, writing and surfing so I do sometimes yearn for company during lunch times as I hardly have time for socials these days!

Oh yes I do remember :) I like the quietness of the office during lunch time too. Unfortunately I usually peak (work-wise) from around 4pm (same as during my school days!) so unless there's something particularly urgent, I don't find myself that productive when I work over lunch!

Mom Daughter Style:
Thanks for dropping by! I'll check-out your giveaway post!

Hee! Yes it is def much easier to do errands when alone!

Awww, I hear you! Hope the transition back to work has been alright for you!

Ah, I particularly enjoy dining alone when I am away! Nice to be in a different place and exploring on my own!

Anonymous said...

I am not working yet but I do enjoy such solitude moments myself too. Like you, it will be best to find a really awesome cafe with either a nice scenary or eye accompanied with a great cuppa joe and a book to just chillax.

poiema said...

I read that book recently too! :)

I like lunching alone / shopping alone / a whole day out alone. Perhaps it's the only child in me that relishes alone time!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Time alone is quite priceless!

Ooh, did you like the book? It is my first Tony Parsons. I went on to read another one "My Favourite Wife". Didn't like that as much - too broody and felt like it was plodding on too much. Would like to pick up a copy of Man and Boy from the library some time though!

mummybean said...

one of the reasons why i bought the kindle was for my solo lunches (when i'm back at work, that is). if not i always end up wandering into a bookshop to buy something to read. i do enjoy the solo time when i get it though :)

~tif;fany* said...

im not too good with eating alone when im outside. so usually i'll grab a sandwich and window-shop or i'll pack back home.

Lady J said...

I used to think that lunching alone is strange cos people kept staring. After living in Tokyo and lunching alone, I actually find it liberating. These days when I lunch alone in Sing, I bring my phone or my book along, or simply stare into space and just indulge in my random thoughts.

bmuse said...

On weekdays, I love lunching alone, especially when faced with the alternative of battling with the annoying Shenton Way/Raffles Place lunch crowd. It's my quiet hour of respite from work, within the comforts of my desk. :)