History Gets Social: My Yellow Jumpsuit

So I was at the finale!
The journey has been an eye-opening one, starting from
Thank you for your support and for sharing this journey with me :)
It was a blast although I didn't win!

The blog awards party was held at Shanghai Dolly,
where a roomful of bloggers descended upon that one afternoon.
Maj Gen Chan Chun Sing, the Guest-of-Honour, opened the event literally with a bang:
I spent the rest of the time drinking water to ease a funny tummy, and mingling a little with the other finalists.

For those of you who are wondering, no, Roboman was not my date for the event. Haha, I knew even before I asked that he would say no, as it is just not him to do so. Thankfully a girlfriend gamely went along with me, and Roboman ended up taking Bubbles to attend a Barney-themed birthday party.
The highlights of the event for me where the Best Dressed Competition and the awesome emcee Ah Dong from FM100.3. The theme was for us to dress as a "Historical Character" and finalists of the Best Dressed Competition really took a bit of a creative spin to it, with a Liang Po Po (who eventually won), and a "HD version?" of Dick Lee among them.

Emcee Ah Dong's wit and humour, and impeccable bilingualism really entertained and impressed me. In many ways, he might have actually made the party, IMHO!
It was lovely for me to get to meet in person the other blog finalists too, most of whom I've never met.
I'm terrible at recognising people from blog photos and actually mistook 2 other people as 2 of the finalists in the Best Family Blog category! It was great to have correctly recognised the very warm Yvonne though, and the whole group of us posed for a pic. (I need to ask for a copy!).
Congrats, Daphne on the well-deserved win :)


The gf and I hung out a little more after the party, and munched on greasy fried potatoes.

AND *drumroll*
I know I will be slaughtered by certain folks if I don't post about what I wore.
So in Bubbles' words:

A vintage dragonfly pin (in place of a flower one)
and a matching carved metal ring

Me and my mustard yellow jumpsuit.
Bag's vintage too, and matte gold Aldo heels have seen me through literally years of parties (including my own wedding and events before that!)

I was going to go in a pretty nyonya kebaya jacket that I inherited from Roboman's late grandmother.
However, this jumpsuit jumped (sorry) out at me 2 hours before the party.
I had to get it, and I'm glad I did!


Mum in the Making said...

Sounds like a great party! :) And you really look good in that jumpsuit!

poiema said...

I'm sure the journey was fun! I think J is quite like roboman. He'd kill me if i ever caused his photo to appear in the papers.

imp said...

i really love the shade of yellow. :) Love your look channelling Audrey Hepburn!

goolypop said...

Oh wow!! So booomz! (gotta admit, it's a good word to use yo!)I loike ur style mucho...

Maril said...

You're a girl after my heart - love the vintage accessories and in-season coloured jumpsuit!

The ET Family said...

I like your jumpsuit. You look good in it.

Candice said...

you look GREAT in this look!!

Daphne said...

You looked fabulous that evening babe! It was so great meeting you (again). :)

fibrate said...

Nice ensemble! I could never pull off this look no matter how hard I try :)

Lady J said...

Stunning!!! You really rock the jumpsuit and I loved what you did to your hair!

Miss Leney said...

Oh you looked fabulously chic Corsage! Really loved your outfit. :)

hemma said...

Looking good my dear!! wow

pinkclothmicrophone said...

Weet weet. =p

Jane said...

Congrats on making it to the top 10! And the jumpsuit looks good on you =)

~tif;fany* said...

a nice full-length photo! ;)

you look fab in that jumpsuit dearie. not everyone can pull it off!

Jacinta said...

You look awesome!! So chic :D

mummybean said...

what a cute outfit you had there! :)

Pris said...

WOW! Love your outfit!!! You look very classy!!! And it must have been such an amazing experience to be one of the finalists!!!! :) Way to go!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks for your comments and compliments everyone! I'm glad I didn't end up looking like a yellow banana, as my sister was concerned I would! ;) I'm thankful to have stumbled upon this jumpsuit that actually fit. This is a look that I love but never dared to try previously! So if you're thinking of trying a new look, I say go for it and find an outfit that suits your frame!

ROFL. Yes, J is VERY like Roboman then! ;) I can quite imagine a conversation between them on the subject of their blogging wives!

lilsnooze said...

you look really really chic! Totally rock that jumpsuit!

I need to learn how to bun up the hair, like you did! I can never do that.

ame said...

wow. very nice! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Babe, I can't take credit for that hair-do! I can do hair like that but only when it is longer. Went to a hair salon meaning to get my unruly hair blown nicely but decided to just get it put up for a change!

hee hee :) thanks!

Unknown said...

Haha! It was great to have a "face" to the bloggers I stalk, I mean, follow. *cough*...

Now, to have a proper get-together and some good chitchat (without the roar of the overly loud music.) Haha!

Anonymous said...

I love this look!!! Very chic!

Nevermind that you didn't win - everyone still hearts you!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha! I was terrible at recognising people! I think esp for the Family category. I would have done better recognising the kids! ;)

The Pleasure Monger:
Thanks babe for the support and hearts! =)