A Dollop Of My Home: Pretty Pinks and Mauves

Thank you for sending in your photos for the A Dollop Of My Home series!
I've received lovely contributions that will be showcased every Friday.
Email me if you want to send in photos of your home :)

This week's A Dollop Of My Home post features pretty pinks and mauves!

I first saw sneaks of Yuling's cozy home on her blog and when she sent me these 2 photos, I squealed with joy. It is easy to see how her innate sense of beauty has enabled her to design the Missy Messy line! There's so many things to love. Lovely pink wall setting off brown furniture, the favourite all-family framed photos on the wall, and open bookshelves.

What she says about this living/dining room:
It's the most open and shared area of the homeland, yet also one of the most intimate ones because it bears testimony to our everydayness as a small tight family. :)

And how pretty is this little tea corner?! Even for a non-tea drinker like me, I would love to have a space like that!

My tea area when I'm alone, or the default 'mei mei' corner in our kitchen. I always try to keep this corner free of clutter so that I can always see my cookie jar and vintage teapot and teacups. Teatime keeps me sane, and the pretty tea things are reminders of the love I get from my husband and my friends, who always get me lovely lovely things like these.
For Doggy lovers, this next photo sent in by Fernoftheforest should delight you.

Rusty, the blueberry-loving Cairn Terrier, with a gorgeous backdrop of plush cushions by full-length windows. I love the complementary but different colours, textures and sizes of the cushions. So easy an idea with so much mileage! Full-length windows are such gems too :)

Thank you ladies for sharing with us these shots! :)

I hope you are enjoying this A Dollop Of My Home series as much as I do!
It has been a wonderful journey to little places that hold so much meaning for their owners.
Email me your photos if you too would like to share!



Ai Sakura said...

full length windows.. I would love that! and the cozy tea corner too .. and erm, the dog hahahah

bookjunkie said...

I am so in love with the shade of pink you've used on the walls. It's so hard to get just the right pink, but you've done it :)

Dora said...

The tea corner is so nice & comfortable!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Ai Sakura:
Hee, perhaps inspiration for any upcoming home re-dos or new home!!

I love that shade of pink too and would have never thought of using such a colour! (It is Yuling's by the way, just in case you misread. hee :))

I concur!! Love the chalkboard in particular.