A Dollop Of My Home: From Geneva & Vancouver

Thank you for sending in your photos for the A Dollop Of My Home series!
I've received lovely contributions that will be showcased every Friday.
Email me if you want to send in photos of your home :)

In this week's post, I'm thrilled to share contributions from 2 ladies currently residing abroad. First up, we have Lady J, who has a natural flair for prettying up a home. I particularly love how she makes the effort to always have fresh flowers!

Here is what she says:
"We have relocated to Geneva for about a year or so and thankfully our rented apartment comes fully furnished. The feature that I love most about our temporary home is the coffee table. It's a little messy but I feel that there's beauty amongst the chaos for I can happily pile on stuff (candles, trinklets, chocolates, books and flowers) on the table and not worry about our dog - Sparky - chewing our things away."


Next, we have A, who is currently taking a year out to do her own thing. She now lives in an student apartment in Vancouver, with a little cozy room to call her own for just 3 months.

I love her entry because it reminds me that home really is what you make of it! I also want a quilt!
Thank you LadyJ and A!!



Mum in the Making said...

I liked the magnifying glass on the table! :)

And little piggy and otter look very familiar!!! ;)

Lady J said...

Thanks for the link.. I had fun doing this ;)

ame said...

haha. yes mama J. they shd look familiar to you :)

Maril said...

I still regret not getting a similar magnifying glass with a horn handle from an antique shop a while back! PS U can find similar ones (supposedly old and sourced from europe) if you're in bangkok and have time to head to Incredible @ Sukhumvit Soi 23!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

It is one of those lovely things to have around the house! I sometimes wish I had a big enough home to hold many more pretty things! hee.

Thank YOU for sharing this! I'm so excited about this series and it was so nice to get entries like yours!

Hee hee :) Thanks too dear for sending in your pics!

Oh, I've heard much about that area! There are just too many pretty things that we could buy at antique shops. Need more space!

Maril said...

sukhumvit soi 23 is lovely. if you love texture for home furnishings, my favourite shop there is nandakwang. sells all things cotton for the home and cute toys for kids. i have too many things from there already!