Blind Date x 4

Last week, I was invited to join a group of mothers for a 'no-kids' lunch. This group has met up before on a couple of occasions, with kids in tow. I've been privvy to how some of them are like through their blogs, and they through mine. Curiously, I readily agreed to the meet-up even though the number of people I have met through blogging can be counted with the fingers on one hand. This one date busted it. It was partly a yearning to be among working mothers who have kids around the same age as Bubbles, and also being touched that I was asked!

It turned out to be a rather pleasant lunch and I was quite amazed how there was non-stop chatter. The conversation flowed easily and every topic captured most, if not all of our attention. I was also struck by the academic qualifications of the group before me. Mentions of biomedical, scientific terms, doctorates, post-doctorates, types of cancers, research pieces etc blew me away. I was in the company of very intelligent women indeed.

So drawn into the conversations was I that I totally forgot that I lugged my camera out, fully intending to snap some photos of the meet-up. By the time I remembered, we were getting ready to leave. I felt then that there was no need really, for photos, because there was certainty that we would meet again!

Funny how the camera bags we own state Nikon when we own Canons!


Jane said...

Yes, we'll certainly be able to meet for lunch again! But actually you could have snapped the half eaten ice cream, hee =)

The Kam family said...

Yes, yes, please let us meet for lunch again!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Ah, I could have! Nvm, will get better shots next time!

When you're back we can arrange something!

lovexiaolongbao said...

hey missed reading ur blog it's nice to catch up virtually. Mines been down for very long plus i was feeling sick so i didn't spend much time online.

Bubbles so cute! Love the one with the prayer.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hey babe! Have missed your online presence! Hope you're feeling better now?

Kary said...

Yes, the hubby always says "you ladies have a lot to talk about, you can make conversation out of nothing!"

Susan said...

It's always nice to have girly time with girlfriends.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha, got to give it to him that it does sometimes happen! Must be rife in Mummydom!

Yes! I guess sharing similar experiences help although we're all such different personalities!