Another white top

These recent months, I've been very much drawn to white cotton tops. They brighten up my look and exude a breezy casual vibe that I like.

This one in particular is a favourite. It is made of just one piece of cloth and sewn up at the sides. I have learnt the hard way, as those following my Tweets might recall, that I do need to either belt it up or tuck it in lest it flies up again!

On another note, I really dislike the state of my hair right now. It is in neither prettily long nor sassy short. I decided that I'll give growing it long one last go before I finally bid the long-haired look goodbye. When in my 20s, I thought I'll give it up when I hit 30, but no, I do miss having long hair. I'd like to think that I can squeeze in one more cycle before my age makes it unforgiving!


celcilia_tjioe said...

You look good in white. What a nice, simple pattern :)

Ruth said...

That's a pretty white top, and great for hot weather like now :) I like the necklace too! Where did you get it?

Emily said...

Hi Corsage,
I've been keeping my hair long since 20s till now (30s).. I really feel like cutting it short... It takes a long time to dry and the weather is so hot.. Maybe next month, I'll be going to the salon to cut it. I desperately need a change..

This white top looks good on you. :)

~tif;fany* said...

nice! i love crochet tops!

lilsnooze said...

You carry off the top really well!

Now I have much longer hair and contemplating to bob it!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you! White seems to brighten up my look!

Ooh thank you! The necklace is a piece I made when I was still selling handmade jewellery. Forgotten about it until recently!

Your head will feel so much lighter when you cut your hair short! Have fun with your new do :)

Me too, when not overdone!

Hee! Go for it just to try? The thing about a short bob is that I often need to go for trims! And when I don't my hair sticks out funny like it does now!

Ai Sakura said...

I think your hair looks great. Much neater than mine anyway haha.. ever thought about have some light curls at the end for a breezy girly-look? :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Ai Sakura:
That because I clipped it up! heh. Yes, I've considered doing that once my hair gets slightly longer. BUT I need to do loads of TLC now as my hair is absolutely dry! I'm always getting nagged at salons about it! But you know, hair ranks low on my priority list these days! Can't be helped =P

Susan said...

I have the same hair woes as you as my hair is also at an awkward length and just looks plain messy if I don't blow it in the morning. I've resorted to tying it up on weekends and hope it grows out soon.
Love the causal vibe to your top. Just need to pair it with a waved bag and you'll complete the "I'm going to a beach resort" look :)

imp said...

i like the necklace! it's a cheery look in sunshine.

try the long hair. just TAHAN for 3mths to get over this awkward length and you should be fine. i'm growing mine out too. let's see how long we can last. muahahahah. i haven't had a haircut for months, you know. tell me when you're going for a trim!

Unknown said...

Hey, I have this white top too! And I know exactly what you meant that it flies! Wahahha Like what 'aunty Lucy' would say... sooo embarrassing!

Jacinta said...

You look great! I love white tops too. :D

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I never have time to blow my hair! And even if I do (just to make it dry), I don't know how to curl in the ends =P Sighs. Are you growing out your hair too?

thanks! can't believe I forgot about it! Your hair has so much better texture than mine! Mine is naturally wiry =P But yes, must tahan!

Ooh! Yeah it really flies huh! But looks nice belted or when tucked in. Thankfully!

thanks! I can totally imagine you wearing something like that too! :)