Toddler Monologues

(I actually have a whole bunch of cool photos to share, but this site is currently not being cooperative and I somehow can't load any pics! Ugh! Hopefully it sorts itself out by tomorrow.)

If you get to spend a couple of hours with Bubbles, and she's comfortable with you, you would most definitely consider her a chatty child. In recent weeks, she's even taken to doing whole monologues when no one is (really) listening to her!

A lot of her monologues happen when we're traveling in cars.

In a taxi
Uncle's driving!
Not Daddy.
Uncle's driving!
Not Mummy.
Uncle's busy.
This is Uncle's car
Not Daddy's
Uncle's car
Not Mummy's
(repeats above lines about 5 times)
Aiyah! (she likes to pepper her 'speeches' with this?!)
Uhhhh Errrmm

In our car
There, there, there, there (while pointing)
There, there, there (while pointing again)
Oh no!! oh NO!
Oh dear me!
Must carry umbrella
Hmm. Mmmm
Hmmm mmmm mm

In our car while carrying a plush toy (or sometimes even her bolster)
Carry Eeyore (or said plush toy or bolster - yes she imagines her bolster has eyes that can see) see!
See! See! (she'll hold toy up to window)
Oh! (said toy 'falls')
Oh no! Poor Eeyore
Waaaaa Waaaa
Eeyore cry
Eeyore sad
Waaaa Waaaa
Don't cry
Oh dear
Don't cry Eeyore!
Eeyore fall. Bang head.
Oh dear...
Eeyore is hungry/has a stomachache/wants to suck thumb etc
(above lines can be repeated in any order, any number of times)

So yup, as you can imagine, we hardly ever get a quiet moment in the car!
My own little deejay. Heh =)


Anonymous said...

A chatterbox, a cute lil deejay! How funny she is! LOL..
Celcilia Tjioe

Unknown said...

LOL! Adorable! My Jay is a chatterbox as well. Unfortunately his is more a soliloquy - where he doesn't just have spurts of statements, but more a Q&A (with himself!)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hee, yes very funny indeed! She makes me laugh so much!

LOL! Q&A! That's so entertaining! hee hee! Must be so fun to listen to him :)

imp said...

i love talking to her! She draws the vaguest of links and strings them into a coherent story. I LIKE.s

pink cloth microphone said...

That's so adorable.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Heee, you got to witness all that coz of the time you spent tog! Must do more :)

Hee thanks dear. I know you've your fair share of cute monologues AND conversations in your home :)

bookjunkie said...

sounds like poetry to me...out of the mouth of a babe :)