Stocking Up

Bubbles is not one of those kids who lights up at the sight of food (unless it is ice-cream, or french fries, or funnily, her vitamin tablet). 

There are things she likes and stuff she clearly doesn't. She also has her quirks - she prefers to eat each item seperately and not together, so she gets a little rattled when I put stuff in her omelettes. She generally is a child who eats to live.

Thankfully, my mother discovered that when we add rich stock to her food, she laps up her food more readily.

Now, I try to cook a huge batch of stock once every week or so. I freeze the stock in little containers to be defrosted when needed. I use it to make soups for her, or add it into her pasta and egg dishes. I even use stock to fry her vegetables for a richer taste.
The stock will always have chicken or pork (or sometimes both), carrots and onions. If I have celery, garlic, corn or broccoli stalks on hand, I'll throw them in as well.

I found that tomatoes lend a natural saltiness so I sometimes throw 2 in to add to the flavours. I still try not to add additional salt to her food when I cook and believe that she gets more than her fair share of it when we dine out!

What do you do to help your kids enjoy their meals? I'll love to learn!


fibrate said...

Great post! That's because I'm just beginning to venture into the world of STOCK :) Made some myself over the weekend, but haven't really used them yet as Muffin's still rejecting food big time.

eveeleva said...

We pan fry ikan bilis in a pan, and then grind it up really finely and use it in lieu of salt. Works really well. My nephew eats better now, cos it gives a little flavour!

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

Yes, stock is the answer to a toddler's discerning taste buds. I actually got to learn about making vegetable stock during church's parenting class. It is a blessing! I usually put carrots, pearl sweet corn and celery in mine. Your pictures of a big pot of bubbling stock and little containers of stock is oh-so-familiar in my household too! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh dear, she's still unwell? Yes I actually take a lot of comfort knowing that stock is rich in vitamins! Sometimes all Bubbles wants is to 'drink soup' :)

Ooh, thanks for sharing! Sounds like a lot of calcium goodness too! I need to get a grinder of sort to do that though. Maybe a mortar and pestle (I think that's what's it is called! =P)

Anya's Mom:
Wow your church holds parenting classes? That's cool! Hehe, stock is the way to go then! I like it that we can vary the taste by putting in different things too! (and get to use leftovers. haha)

judebabe said...

Bubbles and Amanda are quite alike.
They like their food separate.

Only plain rice.
No veggie or meat in it.
If she is going to eat veggie.
She would have to spit the rice in her mouth out. :p

Would love to try the stock sometimes too!

mirrror said...

Stock is my time saver. Whenever i need to wipe up quick meals, just have to heat up those frozen stock as soup base for macaronis or mee suan. Sometimes even use them to cook rice to entice little mii to eat.

Another good thing to freeze is homecook tomato sauce. You can have healthy pasta in minutes.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha, what is with our kids! Bubbles doesn't mind stuff on her pizzas though. She loves pizza =P

Sounds like stock has 'saved' many of us :) Oh yes I also make pasta sauces and freeze them in small portions. For the grown-ups I do that with curries too! Just need to do these things to save time!

Domesticgoddess said...

Besides stocks, pasta sauces and curries, I also make stews which freeze real well too. Try chicken, vegetarian and beef stews! I would thaw/reheat for adults and we sometimes eat with wholesome brown bread or just on its own. Served to kids the same way or slightly diluted after thawing and I throw in small pasta shapes.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh yes, stews! Why haven't I thought of that! I haven't made a stew in ages. Do you have good (easy) recipes to share? :)

mc said...

my stock staple: leek, carrot and celery - the holy trinity for a stock base :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Leek! Ooh, why have I not added that?! Will try next round :) Thanks for sharing!