Pork Ball Noodles

When Singaporeans go to Malaysia, each usually has a favourite must-eat hawker dish.

This is mine:
Pork Ball Noodles!

The unique oblong pork 'balls', tasty Chinese sausages,
silky rick noodles, flavourful broth.

My sweet in-laws never fail to buy some for us each time we visit.

This past weekend has been no different. I've already had it twice!

We need this in Singapore!


Miss Leney said...

The one thing that I would never fail to eat when i'm visiting my grandma in Malaysia is the Malaysian Beef Noodles, I think they call it 'Lou Shu Fan' if i spelt it correctly! Your pork noodles look damn good too I must say! Hope you enjoyed your weekend in KL! xo

Pris said...

Ohhh, I haven't been to Malaysia for a food trip for the longest time! Can't even begin to think of what my favourite "must-haves" are. I can eat everything!

Lady J said...

Oh the one thing I have to eat in KL is the black noodles! Never had these before but they look soooo... good...

mc said...

i like this as well but the kwan lou version with loh see fun :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh yes I know which one you are talking about! The famous beef noodles. There's one tiny roadside stall in the heart of the city that we used to go to. I think 'Lou Shee Fun' (mousetail) is the type of 'noodle' - short white ones - but you can have it with other types too. hehe.

Haha, I know what you mean! We used to eat a greater variety but now when travelling with the Bubs, we stick to kid-friendly places!

That's a fave of many people I know! I have somehow never taken a liking to it though. Must be my weird taste-buds! hehe.

Ah! Yes I sometimes have the kwan lou version as well. But MUST have soup at the side. I love the soup!

lilsnooze said...

I echo Lady J - black noodles! Dunno what goes into the sauce, but so yummy! ;)

My new Malaysia fav is the Ah Koong fishball noodle place!

pc said...

speaking about this, i miss it!!! and i feel like going home now!!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Maybe I should go try the black noodles again! Just to be sure since so many people like it. hehe. Hey those fishball noodles sound familiar. I think they're available in Singapore too, no?

Oh! Sorry to make you feel homesick! Where are you residing now? Maybe I should go find out HOW to make this! hee