Pork Ball Noodles

When Singaporeans go to Malaysia, each usually has a favourite must-eat hawker dish.

This is mine:
Pork Ball Noodles!

The unique oblong pork 'balls', tasty Chinese sausages,
silky rick noodles, flavourful broth.

My sweet in-laws never fail to buy some for us each time we visit.

This past weekend has been no different. I've already had it twice!

We need this in Singapore!


l e n e y said...

The one thing that I would never fail to eat when i'm visiting my grandma in Malaysia is the Malaysian Beef Noodles, I think they call it 'Lou Shu Fan' if i spelt it correctly! Your pork noodles look damn good too I must say! Hope you enjoyed your weekend in KL! xo

Pris said...

Ohhh, I haven't been to Malaysia for a food trip for the longest time! Can't even begin to think of what my favourite "must-haves" are. I can eat everything!

Lady J said...

Oh the one thing I have to eat in KL is the black noodles! Never had these before but they look soooo... good...

mc said...

i like this as well but the kwan lou version with loh see fun :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh yes I know which one you are talking about! The famous beef noodles. There's one tiny roadside stall in the heart of the city that we used to go to. I think 'Lou Shee Fun' (mousetail) is the type of 'noodle' - short white ones - but you can have it with other types too. hehe.

Haha, I know what you mean! We used to eat a greater variety but now when travelling with the Bubs, we stick to kid-friendly places!

That's a fave of many people I know! I have somehow never taken a liking to it though. Must be my weird taste-buds! hehe.

Ah! Yes I sometimes have the kwan lou version as well. But MUST have soup at the side. I love the soup!

lilsnooze said...

I echo Lady J - black noodles! Dunno what goes into the sauce, but so yummy! ;)

My new Malaysia fav is the Ah Koong fishball noodle place!

pc said...

speaking about this, i miss it!!! and i feel like going home now!!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Maybe I should go try the black noodles again! Just to be sure since so many people like it. hehe. Hey those fishball noodles sound familiar. I think they're available in Singapore too, no?

Oh! Sorry to make you feel homesick! Where are you residing now? Maybe I should go find out HOW to make this! hee