Peter and Jane: the 'vintage' edition

Besides keeping our childhood toys well, my mother also kept our books beautifully. Alas, several years ago, there was some leakage through our walls/windows, and a whole lot of our books were damaged and had to be thrown away.

This Peter and Jane set however, survived because it was at my aunt's place. Yup, a set of books that went through 5 kids. They're not in the best of shape anymore (I venture to guess that it is because 2 of the kids were boys *looks crossly at my cousins*), but thankfully still very readable.
Bubbles really likes them! I was surprised because they're so mangly and old-fashioned compared to the spanking new books she usually gets to read. Even those borrowed from the library are in much better shape! She often asks to be read Jane and Peter (I don't know why we say it in that order in our family), and reminds me that they are at Por Por's house.

Would anyone know if there's a similar type of reading series in Chinese? I would love to get a set for the Bubs!


Karmeleon said...

Have. You can try either the Sage Formula Basic 500 Chinese book series - can get from Popular:

Or see at Popular Website:

Or, this other one - also from Popular, Odonata REaders 轻松伴读系列 Reading Together Series:

Hope that helps!

lilsnooze said...

We just bought a set of these last year. They still look the same. Haha.

I've never had thess Peter & Jane books. Now I wonder how I started to read/recognise words!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh wow, you are truly a gem! I'll definitely go check those out! Many many thanks!

They look the same? heee :) Oh obviously you didn't need the series to learn to read!!! Must go ask your mum for the secret. heh heh

Kary said...

Oh man!!! I used to lovvveeee these books! I remember photos of me when I was little with these Peter and Jane books!
I need to ask my parents whether they still have them, but I bet its now gone since they have moved (to 3 different towns/cities since I left home at 17)
But its nice to know that I still can buy them :) :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Now I know why you can take off anywhere with such ease! It is in the genes! ;) Yes, perhaps you could get a set for K!

Ruth said...

I used to have some of these books too!! How I wish I have kept them but there's just simply no space; I remember they were in superb condition when I gave them away. But I've still have one encyclopedia set.. haha! Hope my boy will like that!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh! At least you kept them well and some other kids got to benefit from them :)