Look at me, Daddy!

Over the weekend I realised I ran out of clean bath towels for Bubbles. I wasn't tardy in doing laundry, just that a naughty bird pooped on her clean towel when it was hung up to dry! Eeek. I had to do a re-wash.

I went to her cupboard and pulled out a fancy hooded towel that we used to take out only when we went swimming. We haven't used it in a long while and the last time we did, it was too long for her, and the ends would drag on the floor.

I realised just how much she has grown! The towel doesn't touch the ground now!

She was thrilled when I put it on her after her bath.

Show Daddy, show Daddy! She excitedly said, as she ran out to look for him, towel flapping around her.
Daddy look at me! (She's been saying Look at me quite a lot recently. I find it adorable. hee)

The Daddy of course stopped work on his computer and showed lots of Daddy-admiration.

You should have seen her beaming face :)

Thanks for all your comments, tweets, emails about my very 1st video post and rally 'speech'!
I actually feel a sense of relief. haha.
Thank you :)

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