Just Soup Baby

I have been so physically tired lately. So much so that I've been making really stupid mistakes. Stuff like driving to the supermarket instead of my parents' place to drop Bubbles off. Or defrosting a portion of food for two when I only needed one. Or getting confused who sent me certain messages and getting my facts wrong.

My mind can't seem to work itself out properly these days, and I know I just need to schedule in more sleep. Things always look up when one is rested!

Anyway, when one is tired, it gets doubly frustrating when your lovingly cooked food gets rejected. I do wish Bubbles is more of an eater (at a recent gathering, I was told she's 'petite', and I know it is true!). When she refuses to eat something, it is impossible to make her do so.

I try to vary her food and make her meals interesting, but she is now at a stage where she only wants to eat eggs and drink soups. Nothing else can be 'mixed' into these two things, or she will make her views known loud and clear. I don't want mix! Only soup!

I have a good mind to just give her egg and soup everyday until she tires of it.


I'm kidding. I just need more sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a silent reader... rejecting food is a phase at this age, you just have to ride it out. At least your kid likes eggs, mine just spits them out. My kid only likes plain rice and soup...sigh, hope this phase ends soon

Kelly said...

ohhhh my goodness! I stepped away from the blogging world for a week - we were down with food poisoning =( and I come back to see you have been BUSY!

It's no wonder you are tired girl!

First of all, *does happy dance* a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on being a finalist at the blog awards! My fingers will be doing the clicking for sure!Good luck!!!!!!

LURVE the shoes.

P/S I also do the stock thing! In fact, many a times, that's how I cook K's food. But then again, even without the stock in his food, he laps it all up anyway too.

On little Miss Just Soup Only, if she's refusing to eat other stuff but eggs. How about you go the extra step and puree the other ingredients into her soup? As in something like pork/chicken/potato carrot 'soup'? So it doesn't look 'mixed' for her? If you're desperate enough to do that of course. K's actually showing signs of not wanting anything else in just his soup these days too... They'll make a fine pair these two!

judebabe said...

Amanda dislike eggs!

I get you.
I do get the feeling that people around me think that I have not been feeding Amanda well.
But they don't get it. When they don't want to eat, there's no way we can get them to.
And I give her more of what she likes. And even fries, just to get her eat.

I am trying to relax. And not 'force' Amanda. In case, it makes her reject food and mealtime.

fibrate said...

My girl is going through a serious YOGURT phase right now. Soup and eggs, at least they're nutritious!

mirrror said...

That sounds all so familiar. Now little mii always ask for egg and tofu, at every meal!! Of cos she don't reject a bowl of soup too. And i often get the remark that mii is petite. Oh well, my answer to them is "her parents aren't big size either, you won't expect a BIG toddler will you?"

I do wish they will eat more variety though.

imp said...

it's by no means any proportionate comparison. but i'm a very picky eater and my nutrients don't really come from food. egg and soup will do fine, really. till something else tickles her fancy. maybe aunty imp can help! will she drink fresh juices or eat fruit? if she does, nutrients can be mixed into it, and honestly those will suffice.

and tell the rest of the people to stop judging another's kid by their standards of health. ignore them. you're doing just fine. children grow when they want to grow. there's no danger of malnourishment or starvation in Singapore. they've gotta be joking.

lilsnooze said...

Sigh, when nat says i dont want meat/veg/carrots/etc..or I DONT WANT TO EAT...I am so tempted to just say - ok no lunch/dinner for you!

But of course, we end up cajoling/bribing him to eat.

If there is a wonder pill that taste good (like gummy vitamin) which can provide all his nutrients, I will be so glad to give it to him! Imagine no more meal battles!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Anon @ 10.22am:
Yes it is a tough phase, isn't it! I just hate seeing all the food go down the drain :( I guess we can try to make the soups as rich as possible!

Hey thanks babe! I have been wondering what happened to you. Hope you're all better now! Food poisoning is no fun :( Thank YOU for the blog support. Much much appreciated! Ooh going back to pureeing sounds like a great idea! I will try if I get desperate enough. hee =P Hope your K doesn't get to the fussy with food phase! Keep lapping it up, K!! Be good to your mummy!

I also do the fries thing! ;P And biscuits and Milo =P Yes it is imposs to force them to eat. I've tried all means but nothing has worked! We can only try to give them as best as we can nutritious stuff. Oh, after her last hospitalisation episode I also now give her a multi-vit. It helps ease my mind!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I just read your post! Steamed egg with yoghurt!! You must have felt a sense of relief when she ate it. May we all ride out this phase asap and that they'll grow well regardless!

I'm thankful she takes soup for sure, as we can sneak in all sorts of things in the soup to make it more nutritious! Bubbles doesn't like tofu for some reason. I love tofu!!

Juices! Now why haven't I thought of that! She usually likes fruit but recently has been picky as well. Don't know why! I worry about her not putting on weight leh, after all she was a Michelin baby! I guess it is the contrast. PLUS, I really really HATE seeing all the food go to waste. Sigh. Esp when I peel myself out of bed, blurry eyed to prepare meals for her =P

Yah how I wish there was such a pill!! Does he take multi-vits? I've started Bubbles on that. Just for MY ease of mind =P Yesterday I tried to tell her that she needs to eat meat to be strong. She shook her head and said: drink soup will be strong. !! Can't win.

pinkclothmicrophone said...

Mine just took cheerios when he was going through that stage. =) in fact, he was just one walking cheerio. Haha. At least she's getting some form of protein.

And I happen to feel that Bubbles is growing very well. You're doing good.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

LOL! You're a real dear you know :) I rem he loved Milo too! We need to pick Nestle's brains for tips.