Farm Animals in the Right Size

After reading about my animals in the wrong size episode, the kind people from Smart Alley contacted me, and sent me this lovely box of Jumbo Farm Animals. I was so surprised and thankful!

The animals are beautiful, of good quality, and are sized (more or less) to scale, which is what I really felt was important.

Daddy! Look! Horse!

Daddy comes by to play with a very thrilled Bubbles

These days, Bubbles plays with the animals in various ways.
Like have them stand on one of her favourite books.
Huh, really?!

Yes indeed! Whee!
She matches the animals to the pictures of farm animals in the book.
A fun and easy activity.

This, however, is what she likes to do most.
Ferry them around in her shopping cart!
I'm so glad that Bubbles now has her first set of sized-to-scale animals that she enjoys. Thank you Smart Alley! If you haven't checked them out already, click here to view Smart Alley's site of toys and games!


poiema said...

I think ELC has some too! Plastic too i think... would be really cool to find some wooden ones eh? :)

Unknown said...

Oh! Jay's alltime favourite shop is the Better Toy shop. I love the animals figurines from there too - very detailed!

My son has so many of these animal figurines, they ALL look off to me. :P

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh yes, I haven't seen any wooden ones like that anywhere though! Would be cool :)

Wah, Jay actually has a favourite toy shop! I think Bubbles' favourite shops are the supermarket and Ikea. hahaha. I really like this set. Am thinking of getting more perhaps after we visit the Zoo! She hasn't been there yet.

ame said...

oh. i really want to get farm animals in the right sizes for E too. he has a set but like u said... in wrong proportions.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Try getting these then! There's free shipping for orders above S$100!

The ET Family said...

Hi Corsage,
I just discovered your blog while I was trying to search for some toys for my son and I found this post. Thanks for sharing the link. It's very useful.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

The ET Family:
Hey there, thanks for popping by! Glad you found the post useful :)