A Dollop Of My Home: Woven Beauties

Guest bathroom.

Woven basket to hold an extra loo roll.

Sequinned containers from Bali.
Bought during our honeymoon.
The colours are fading and they are empty!
But lovely still :)

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I'm calling for photos to be included in the A Dollop Of My Home Series!
Is there a favourite spot in your home?
A nook or cranny that evokes calmness and beauty? Or one that simply puts a smile on your face?
I would love to feature all those special places and bring some home inspiration to this space!

Email me your photos, along with:
- your chosen name
- your website (if any)
- 2-3 lines about why those spots are special to you and/or
- a short description of the objects in the photo

As usual, A Dollop Of My Home entries will be posted every Friday.
I look forward to hearing from you =)

(A big thank you to those who have already sent in your lovely pics!)


Lady J said...

I like the woven basket idea to hold the extra loo roll... clever way to conceal it in the toilet. hehe

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hehe, it was a S$2 find from Daiso! Perfect size. I was so inspired by all the pretty roll holders I see in resorts/hotels etc and decided to do my own. Hehe :) Practical too, I say! No one wants to run out of paper when in the loo!